I have gone years with both getting my nails done and not getting my nails done habitually.

As a busy person, I hate penciling in time for a fill or having my nails painted. Some people find it relaxing, but I do not.

I also did not like spending $20-$50 dollars every 2-3 weeks on just my finger nails. I would rather spend that money on outings or clothing. 

Several months ago, I was interested in trying to gel nail polish kit found in drugstores, after reading reviews I decided to investigate further and I found this on amazon.com, a home gel nail kit. 

All items in picture above were purchased separately. I have used this UV light over 50 times and it had worked fantastic every time. 

One thing to note to be careful of is the polish itself. After a couple of trial and errors, I decided to stick with the brand  AIMEILI . It is not the cheapest brand online, but top and bottom coat has lasted over six months. 

After utalizing this machine a couple of times, I decided to purchase the gloves to protect my hands from the UV lighting. 

During my Corporate America days, I wore pumps every day; so, I also used the machine injunction with my pedicure. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Figure out how long you should leave the light on for between coats.  

Typically you will apply the top coat, 2 colored coats, and 2 base coats, drying every coat with the UV light in-between. I do 30 seconds for the base coat and first colored coat, 60 seconds for each coat thereafter. 

2. Watch and see which brands work for you.

I tried about 3 brands, but AIMEILI has never let me down. Do make sure you shake the bottle before applying. 

3. Do not do a sloppy job.

After painting your nails and before drying, make sure the polish is not on your cuticles. If it dried on your cuticles, it will peel off easier. 

4. Do one hand at a time. Some of the instructions will tell you to do all 8 fingers first and then the thumbs. I prefer to do one hand at a time. 

*I am not the neatest person when painting my nails and it only takes me 15 minutes every 1.5 weeks to do my finger nails.
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5. For take off, I usually just peel the polish off. If you can not do this, use soak your nails in strong nail remover and soak off clips.

*How long it lasts depends on how well the job was done. My polish usually lasts about 2 weeks.