Summer Fashion Trends

Affordable Summer Fashion Trends for 2018.

1. Hats to protect your skin

The ball cap is still around is is a great way to hide 2nd day hair and your skin from the sun. 

Hats are from Walmart

2. Head Wraps

Full scarfs and smaller head scarfs are in. Match with an outfit or not, it is a fun way to keep hair off your shoulders in the hot summer heat. 

Head Wraps
Head-wraps from Walmart

3. Blouses

Puffy and tie-up blouses are a fashion “in” for 2018 summer fashion trends. 

Blouses from Amazon
Blouses from Amazon

4. Joggers

Athletic-wear is going nowhere. Cute and comfy fashion are in. Leggings are out which is great because joggers do not stick to your skin as much as leggings. 

Matching Joggers
V-neck from Target/ Joggers from FashionNova

5. Matching Sets

Matching is still in. Not sure when it will not be in anymore. It makes everything so easy! 

6. Round Sun Glasses

Put those huge sun glasses away. Small is in for the 2018 summer fashion trend. 

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