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What to wear to a summer wedding? This will help.

What to wear to a summer wedding? A summer wedding is really fun, but when it comes to dressing it can be tricky. Some weddings have a dress code that you have to follow. Some weddings do not… so what do yo do when there isn’t a dress code? Here are some ideas that will help you to choose the perfect outfit for every summer wedding.

Vintage summer wedding dressing:

Vintage summer wedding theme is all about denoting a classic sense of fashion and style. There are so many vintage dresses denoting feminism and a classic sign of attitude and style. Don’t wear a too long dress, enjoy a mid-length and don’t forget to wear eyeliner. Use simple accessories kitten heels

Country summer wedding dressing:

Countryside weddings in summer are simple and elegant. No bold makeup and colors of your outfits will suit in this wedding. Wear light color dress with an A-line hem which will make you look like a wildflower and totally different from others. Check and see if it is outdoor or indoor and wear the appropriate shoes.

Beach summer wedding dressing:

These are the most casual outfit occasions. Even beach weddings give you an opportunity to have some fun of yours. No heels only sandals on beach wedding with a loose ponytail or wavy hairs. A maxi dress is the most ideal outfit for a beach wedding. Wear a simple eye makeup with a matte lipstick. Look sophisticated not over on a beach summer wedding.

Traditional summer wedding dressing:

Hey, it’s time to go formal now. Choose a chic dress that goes down to the ankle or at least the knee with high heels or stilettos. Wearing black might make you look more different and unique, but you really need to choose the right accessories and makeup for getting ready for a classic or traditional wedding. You can wear bold colors too in this kind of summer wedding.

 Here are some tips that will help you out to be totally professional in getting ready for a summer wedding.

  1. Always follow the dress code:

If a wedding has a dress code always follow it. Remember this day is all about the bride and groom and besides, following the dress code makes you more attached to the wedding.

2. Follow the wedding theme and respect it:

One again, this day is about the happy couple. 

3. Wear clothes that can allow you to have fun:

Don’t wear very tight clothes which will make it impossible for you to have fun. Choose the clothes that are easy and comfortable to have fun all the time.

By following these 3 simple and easy tips you are ready to go and have fun at a summer wedding.