The coldest days of winter is still to come. Dressing for the cold weather can be fun because of the layers and versatility of outerwear. Here are 6 Winter Fashion Tips, Tricks, and Ideas. 

1. Dress for your waist

Drawing emphasis and defining your waist is key for dressing for your body. It will define the dress, shirts, and bottoms that look best on you. Read The 8 Most Flattering Clothes for Your Waistline for tips and tricks.

2. Wear appropriate winter clothing

Layer appropriately because you can always take clothing off. There’s nothing cute about shivering in the winter. If you wear waist appropriate clothing, you will still have a shape.  

3. Wear appropriate shoes

Pay attention to the weather and also the function. Wear the appropriate boots, pumps or sneakers accordingly. Nothing cute about slipping in rain or snow in inappropriate shoes. 

4. Wear fur (faux)

Winter is the only time that fur makes sense. Take advantage of it and enhance your look with fur. It is cute and warm.

5. Enhance your outfit with scarfs 

Another accessory that enhances your winter outfit.  Take advantage of being able to wear wool scarfs. Experiment with patterns to give your winter outfit another dimension. 

6. Wear a belt around your winter coat. 

This will give it a different look plus, enhance your shape. Change your belt to easily change the look. You can do this with puffy coats too.

Ana Lefebvre Winter Tips