Christmas has come and gone leaving behind the dying Christmas trees, fallen shatterproof ornaments, and the sad goodbyes.

If you’re like me, you always get a little sad once the big show has ended, but here’s how to recuperate.

  1. Keep the promises you make.

Heart, lock, Promises

You know, the promises you make to call a love one or to visit. Start by following up with your love ones. Make sure they made it home safe after the Holidays or that their New Years is starting of well. Stay apart of their lives this year.

  1. Plan a Date night- with your significant other or friend(s).

See the friends you have missed during the Holidays or set a date night with a sibling or cousin.

Date Night

  1. SHOP!


There are so may great sales going on right now. You can buy those missing items on your Christmas list or you can always began to pre-plan for next season (or just pretend you are pre-planning).

  1. Relax


Read a book, get a massage, start a hobby, get a babysitter, go on that hike you have been putting off. You’ve worked hard. You deserve it

  1. Start making plans for Valentines Day (and every other Holiday…if you have time).

Valentines Day

Because it will sneak up on you before you know it.