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Who knew teacup candles could serve as a vessel to raise over $10, 000 for women and children in need?

Cups of Kindness for charity
Curtesy of Cups of Kindness
Cup of Kindness for Charity
Give cups of Kindess

Cups of Kindness started one evening in May 2016 when sisters, Lorissa and Lauren decided to embark on a simple crafting project of making teacup candles for themselves and as gifts to give away. 

Lorissa and Lauren were having a blast making tea cup candles – and in that moment, they felt like there was something more to it. It could be more than a simple craft project.

Ideas started spawning and the concept of a charitable project, organically came to life. 

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Cups of Kindness

Lorissa and Lauren started the project by purchasing 50 teacups through thrift stores.

They then made the candles, opened an Etsy shop online  and created social media accounts to help spread the message. 

Since the conception of Cups of Kindness, their sister Angelene and her daughter Zoe have joined the team.

Their love and assistance in keeping Cups of Kindness alive has been a huge asset to the project.

Lorissa, Angelene, and Zoe operate the project out of Edmonton, Alberta and Lauren does her part from Vancouver Island, thus allowing them to cover more Canadian soil.

Together, the four women continue to do what they can to spread love in their communities. Their goal is to serve as a light during some else’s darkness. As James Keller so eloquently said, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.


Cups of Kindness Sisters
Cups of Kindness Sister's Lorissa, Angelene, & Lauren

100% of Cups of Kindness’s profits have been donated.

They have donated profits to local women’s shelters and they have also donated a portion of the funds to assist a young child who needed supplementary medical attention while battling an aggressive form of cancer.

They now accept teacup donations to help keep the project going.

Interested in learning more? Click Here to go to their Etsy Site.

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