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Love & Lust the Podcast Episode 48- What going to a sex club is actually like. 

Love & Lust is a podcast about sex and relationships. For the full interview about sex clubs, please click the links above. Read the interview by Ana Lefebvre below. 

Ana- What is a sex club?


This is coming from a person who has never experienced a sex club in my life. This is purely for the beginners out there, my initial impression- it’s really intimidating. You don’t know really what to expect, but it’s really just a liberating free-for-all place as far as like, what can be done, what you can do, what you can explore, exhibitionism, dungeons, playroom …anything.


Ana- Can you go by yourself or do you have to go with people?


In the one primarily here, it is really just for couples. They do their pricing that way, so it’s cheaper for a couple to go in. If you’re a single woman, you can go in, and it’s like $20, but if youre a single man, it’s like $200, and then it’s really just a place where swingers can go ahead and explore other body types or other types of different people you wouldn’t naturally see in your own life.


Ana- If you are single and you’re going by yourself, is there an opportunity to meet up with other people?

There’s an opportunity to meet new people in a sex club as a single woman that I saw, but if youre a single man, they do like a 10 to 1 ratio- so for every 10 couples that go in, one single male can go in. It is more crowded with females. 


Ana- How do you find a sex club?

I found it through word of mouth, but if youre on FetLife or anything like that, those are really the people that are in the know. 


Ana- Did you have to sign up for different “play” rooms in the sex club you attended?

No. You can utilize any of the rooms that are there on the premises. They have a hotel room that you can stay in. They have different sex-themed rooms in the sex club and people will go directly just for those rooms, but anyways, going into it as a person that never really understood what Kinks I liked, I didn’t know which room to go to. In the dungeon, you just walked in and it’s not really like anybody’s regulating it. You just kind of going in, you’re observing and then you can jump in. It’s not like you have to sign up or anything like that. You just start partaking. 


Ana- Are there people that walk around that are a part of the club that watch and make sure that everything is going according to the agreement of the, I am going to call them players of, the players in the club.


Yes, so they do have employees. It’s really just one of the cleanest places, I’ve ever been to. They have clean towels for you, clean sheets for you all that stuff, to make sure that everything is as clean as possible.


Ana- How big was it? Ikea big or Chilis big?


It’s Ikea big. They have 130 rooms from what I remember and that’s just for people to stay on-premises. They have a nightclub. They have an outdoor area with a pool and jacuzzi and outdoor bars. 


Ana- Let’s talk about cell phones. What’s the rule with cell phones?


So you’re not supposed to have it on you. You’re not allowed to have your cell phone to take pictures and what happens there stays there because you have so many different people from all walks of life that come in there.


Ana- What about condoms?


You have to supply your own, definitely, if you are going to play with any other partners or whatever, definitely bring extra. They have lockers there to where you can go ahead and load up your ammo.


Ana- Do you have any advice for men and for women when they go to the sex club for the very first time.


I want to say, just be confident in what you have and what youre doing, because obviously, everybody’s going to be different sizes and have different capabilities. Women be confident! You are considered a queen in this environment. Explore. You never know what’s out there for you and what you may like.

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