11 Ways to Improve Your Love Life in 2023

How to improve your love life in 2023 by Ana Lefebvre

Wondering about how you can enhance your love life or have the best love life in 2023, look no further. Here are 11 tips to enhance your love life in 2023.

1. Stop caring around baggage from your past.

Yes, your past is here to teach you, but it should not leave a permanent or a scar on you. One of the biggest lessons is to never let someone change who you are, but instead be more discerning about who you allow in your life. Treat yourself with value. Treat yourself as someone of value. Not in an ugly and pompous way, but know your standards and don’t lower them. Yes people can be messed up, but don’ take that out on everyone else. One thing I want you to be careful of is projecting. Don’t project a fault of your ex onto someone else. That is dangerous and hurtful to the other person. Learn from your past and your past mistakes and move on.

2. Stop worrying about everyone else.

Silence the noise. Certain people can be negative and draining. They say one thing, and then all of a sudden people think that it is the absolute truth and a game of telephone is played through gossip or all over the internet within memes, comments, descriptions. If you want love, believe you will find it. Do not let the negativity of others or “the internet” make you believe otherwise. If you believe the dating pool has piss in it, then guess what, for you it will have piss and maybe some crap in it as well. I’ve never been the one to have a negative outlook or to be persuaded by other’s opinions. I live my life for me (now a days) and I do not stereotype or cast a title upon everyone just because I made a mistake with an individual. Own your mistakes and that you overlooked certain things about a person to make them fit into your life. It’s okay. We are all human.

how to have a better love life in 2023

3. Actually date! This should definitely improve your love life in 2023. You have to actually participate in it!

Dating should be fun. It should not be stressful. I know a lot of people that complain about their dating life, but they don’t even date. They complain that everyone is the same and all guys are f* boys or all women are *gold diggers, but they are finding these people on social media sites (which is risky since they aren’t dating apps) and communicating through apps like snapchat. That’s not dating. That’s just getting around. I’m not saying you can’t be successful off of those sites, but remember social media sites are not dating sites. 

I want you to actually try! Are you going out and meeting people? Are you are on the correct dating apps? Remember dating and “late night pleasures” are two different things. Make sure you are changing up your approaches too. That way you can see what works and what does not work. My Unbounded Life Blog

I had a client that was complaining that all the women are the same and that they just want him for his money and that they are not “housewives” (for the lack of a better term), blah blah. My first question was, “how old are these women”. He told me that they averaged around 28. I then proceeded to ask him how old was he. He told me mid-40s. I told him I don’t understand what he’s not getting. He’s trying to date women almost 20-years younger than him and then get mad at them because they want financial security and then also want to be “young”? What’s the point of being with an older man then? They can find someone their age instead that aren’t going to traditionally leave this world way before them. I also asked what was wrong with women that were closer in age to him? Basically came down to looks. 

Also, you are expecting someone in their 20s to do things you didn’t even do in your 20s. How does this make sense? 

There are gives and takes in relationships, don’t complain because you are trying to date someone that’s not compatible with you and then say all women or men are trash. No your selection process is trash. 

I had another client that was complaining that her boyfriend was a partier and didn’t spend enough time with her. I asked her how did they meet? Partying. They used to party together, she now has had enough of it and wants to settle down. Do I need to continue how this is ridiculous. Stop trying to change people and then complain when they don’t obey your rules. Then say all women, men, etc. are trash. It’s not them. It is you. 

How to Start a Conversation on a Dating App!

4. Go for it!

If there is someone that you have been wanting to date, go for it, if they are single. Ask them out. Stop being afraid of rejection. Also, learn when to ask someone out. Building a chemistry first with the person may be crucial if you are wanting to keep them as a friend. Remember if you are asking someone out in person, not on a dating app, you do not know their interest in dating or dating you. Do not have an attitude with them because they don’t want to date you. I don’t know why some people are like this. No one owes you anything. If they say no, keep it pushing, it will be okay. You will live.

5. Love Yourself

If you read my book Look Like A Wifey F*uck Like A Side B*itch you will know how much I believe in self-love. If you do not have self love, how do expect anyone else to love you. Love yourself. Work on yourself. Take care of yourself. Forgive yourself. Sounds so simple when you see it written down, but you would be surprised how many people do not have self love. If you have lost touch with yourself, take some time to learn who you are. This way you are not so needy and emotionally dependent in relationships. Not to be funny but this is the best way to actually improve your love life in 2023, learn to love yourself.

6. Improve your finances

Yes improving your finances will help your love life because it will give you that extra boost of confidence. If it’s getting a Saturday job, starting that side hustle, or starting that investment that you have been thinking and talking about, do it. Living with less stress will help you to be able to do whatever you want to do. That ability to do whatever you want to do will give you the biggest confidence boost ever. 

7. Learn

Keep learning new things and stay abreast upon things that you should know about. Not only this is a great conversation starter, but it also may open the doors for you to meet different types of people. You might be interested in going to certain fundraisers or events that will enhance your life overall which will enhance your possibilities of meeting someone that you may be interested it. Basically, just don’t sit around waiting for the right person to come around. Be more proactive with your love life this year. Expand your reach :). Also, pick up a book about relationships and read them. 

8. Listen

When you do go out on dates, listen to the other person. This can improve your chances of having another date. Asking someone out and then going on the date is one thing. Going on a second date is a completely different thing. If you want to keep the dating process going with that person going, listen. Pay attention to the small details. Remember their favorite food, drink, etc. You will deeply impress them if you bring it up for the second date or future dates. Actually be involved with learning who that person is.  

9. Be honest 

If you do not like that person, or if you like that person, be honest about it. Be honest with yourself as well. Don’t just date someone because they are a good placeholder or because you are bored, if you are serious about improving your love life. Casually dating and seriously dating are two different things. 

10. Be fun

Yes be fun. Don’t walking in your dating life for 2023 with just a mission. You can have faith or a belief that you will find the one, but have fun on your dates. Don’t treat it like it is an interview, although you should ask the right questions at the right time. Asking the right question at the wrong time may be your demise. It can seem pushy and not genuine. That date with the person that is not compatible with you just may teach you something for the right one. They also just might end up as a great friend. Recognize that people are human. Women are human not just a mate. 

11. Have confidence 

Sometimes nerves do come into play on dates, but you can still have confidence in the fact that you are a great person that deserves the right person. Not having confidence is a red flag for someone that has emotional maturity and a huge turn off. Not everyone is going to like you. That’s just fine if you love yourself and know your worth. Being nervous is okay, just don’t let it ruin your chances with that person. What’s the worse thing they can say “no”, okay and what will that no do to you? In retrospect, nothing. 

I hope you take and adhere to all of these ways to improve your love live in 2023. Apply them to your life to approve your love life. If you are in a relationship, you can still apply these 11 ways to enhance your relationship. Even if you are in a relationship, you should still be putting forth an effort and constantly trying to make your relationship better. 

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