First date tips for once we get out of this COViD-19 nightmare.

Dating in 2020 can be hard, do we agree? Sometimes it is hard to transition dating from an online app to the real world. Once COVID-19 is over with, use these tips for your first date.

1. Choose somewhere where you can interact and talk on your first date.

Not somewhere loud or where you have to be quiet. I.E.: Movie Theatre.

2. If you are the one planning the date, choose something that may showcase your personality, but check to see if the other person is open to this idea. 

Have suggestions ready. Do not just ask: “Hey do you want to go out?” That is cookie cutter and unoriginal. Suggest an outing if you are the one planning it.

3. Feel comfortable and relaxed, but look like you tried.

You do not have to pretend to be perfect, but always put forth an effort. It gets noticed. 

4. Do not be late. Stuff happens, but plan for it.  

Anything over 10 minutes is rude and gives a bad impression. 


5. Share your location for safety.

This goes for males or females.


6. Do not conduct an interview when asking questions.

Get to know the person versus just asking. There is a huge difference.

7. Do not overdrink.

Dating can be hard; so, the temptation of over-drinking may be there, but it could be visible to the person you are dating. It can also alter your personality. 

8. Do not start serious conversations.

Again, you should be trying to get to know the person and diving into a serious topic like politics and religion can make things awkward and uncomfortable. It important to know these things, but these topics should be approached in a careful manner. 

9. Set a time limit for the date.

This will help as an exit strategy; if the date is not going well (without being rude).