In Review: The Echo Dot

Amazon Echo

As an avid Amazon user, I was extremely excited with the concept of the Echo Dot.

The idea of being able to control the electronics in my house, buy things on Amazon and also ask questions to the echo would save time and also create a more efficient household for 2018.

I currently do not have any smart outlets or bulbs at the moment, but I do have a FireTV. I tried to set that up and after 1 hour I was able to do so. I found that controlling the device on the app on my phone to be easier than shouting “Alexa” and watching her slowly get on the same page as me, but in her defense, my TV is not a smart TV and is on the older side.

Another thing that I was unaware of was the fact that you have to keep her plugged in. As it is Christmas time, finding a convenient plug that is not utilized by some sort of lighting is very hard in my household and I have quiet a few 7 ways.

There is a limited amount of information that she knows. I was asking questions about stores nearby and she did not know the information. She is definitely not Google.

What I do like is the music choice for parties (conservative ones). She did a great job of playing Christmas music and it was cute how impressed our guests were.

At the end of the day, I am very high tech and fast with technology; therefore,  I might need another version of the Echo- One that can keep up with me.