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Materials for crafting
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Want fancy shoes without spending a fortune? Here’s a quick and cost efficient trick to spice up, romanticize or restore shoes. 

  1. Clean your shoes with rubbing alcohol
  2. Let dry for 2 minutes
  3. Tape around the soles of the shoes
  4. Paint “walk on red” or another color on the bottom of your shoes
  5. Let dry until not tacky
  6. Apply another coat and let dry until not tacky
  7. Spray clear gaze on bottom of shoe
  8. Take off tape
  9. Apply Mod Podge to the parts of the shoe where you want glitter
  10. Sprinkle glitter
  11. Let Dry for 1 hour
  12. Apply clear glaze
  13. Let dry for 1 day
  14. Wear your new sparkling shoes
Materials for crafting
Clear Glaze, Modge Podge, Glitter are found at Walmart. Find walk on red here.