2018 Fashion Trends

5 Tips for 2018 Fashion


Updated 07-31-17

2018 Fashion

For 2018 Fashion Trends leggings are out, joggers are in. Heels are not as popular as a cute pair of nude or pastel sneakers. Chokers are out and the Tee-Shirt dress is barley hanging in. Backpacks are back and so are fanny packs…

Here are five Tips for 2018 Fashion 

  1. Ditch the Denim…as a main part of your attire.  Trousers are in, but you can find comfortable pants that look like trousers(ish) but are really leggings or joggers.

These trousers are comfortable and stretchy. Find them on Amazon.

2. Dusters or long light jackets are still in.

Fashion Duster

I found this at a local boutique for under $20.00.

3. Flats are actually really in. Heels are not the signature of an outfit at this moment; so, take advantage!

Flat Shoes

Some of my favorite practical flats, both were on sale for under $25.

4. Matching bottom and tops are still in and so are Rompers. Longer short sets are popular along with matching Capri sets, although they are not calling them capris this year. But basically, they are capris. 


Matching top and bottoms including rompers are still in.

5. Signature belts are actually back!


A couple of great signature belts are great for every closet.

Belts are trying to make its comeback, but not fully apart of the 2018 fashion trends. Perhaps 2019 will be the year of the belts.