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My Mission

My Mission is to give digital marketing knowledge to small business owners/ non-profits/entrepreneurs and innovators to provide education, events, and opportunities to help my member’s companies grow and visions flourish. 

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Digital Marketing

My Community

My members will be able to network with other entrepreneurs. Receive relevant digital marketing information relative to their industry and field. 

Ana's Values


Ana Lefebvre strives to provide resources and mentorship to expand her members’ marketing know-how and understanding of the field


She and her team will provide hands-on opportunities for members to exercise their marketing skills so they are prepared to have immediate impact in their business.

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"I was blessed to fall into this field. I have been in Digital Marketing for 14 years and have seen it go from something that was optional to something that is necessary. I have a strong passion for small businesses / non-profits. This is my way to give back. "
Ana Lefebvre
Ana Lefebvre
Chief Marketing Officer