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by, Crystal Siljenberg Creator of brevity
August 2018

by, The Editors

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Damaged Goods by A.S. Rose
Featured Novel: Damaged Goods by A.S. Rose

Twenty-six-year-old graphic designer, Alexa Svensson moves to Downtown Los Angeles for a job opportunity. A few days later, she meets Entrepreneur, Alexander (Ally) DiPietro, who is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

Ally is captivated by Alexa’s beauty, but he knows that he wants more than a sexual relationship with her. He is ready to settle down with the one. Little does he know, Alexa has thrown away the notion of love. Little does she know, she has met her stubborn match.

Ally knows that Alexa is haunted by something, but he is not afraid–he has a dark past as well and he believes she is worth fighting for. 

But can Alexa let go of her past and allow in the possibility of love? 


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