Pleasure Room Ideas

Pleasure Room Ideas

Pleasure Room Ideas
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So you would like to or are thinking about enhancing your sex life by making a sex room or pleasure room. Here are 10 pleasure room ideas that will work for any room.

1. Most pleasure rooms have a dark and sexy ambiance, so start with the bedding.  

Silk sheets are super sexy, but not practical. Stick with the cotton so you can use the sheets for your pleasure room all year long.

2. Lighting for your Pleasure Room

Besides candles, mood lighting for your sex room is a must. We love practical items, here at My Unbounded Life, so here is an easy to use device that you can use for other mood lighting when needed. Also, if you do not want to paint your walls a sexy color like a deep red or even black, this will help create the illusion.

3. What is a pleasure room without a love swing? 

It provides additional support for your sex and holds up to 300 lbs. Check out the installation directions. It is highly rated.

4. Toys

What is a pleasure room without toys? There are many to choose from and many different types of kinks out there. This is one of the most popular ones on today’s market. 

5. Oils

Oils allow for the sensual touch and pleasure. Make sure you have items for all of your senses in your sex room. 


5. Sensual smells

Remember to have something for all of your senses, do not neglect the nose. Include aromatherapy. If you are using candles, just make sure you have it in a safe place. 

sex room ideas

6. Use a wedge pillow to enhance certain positions

This is a pleasure room must! You will be surprised what a simple wedge pillow will do.

7. Mirrors

Make sure you have mirrors placed in optimal areas for your sex room. Remember to include all scenes. 

8. Lubrication

We are not doing ordinary love in this room, so make sure you have fun with edible lubrication. Here is a highly rated one from Amazon, make sure to check the reviews first and always test the product to make sure you and your lover(s) are not allergic. 

9. Have sexy wall art


10. Floor pillows 

Yes you can add appropriate furniture, like a chase but nothing scream comfort like pillows. Buy a ton. You can always throw a dark colored blanket over it.

Well there you go folks. Those are our top 10 pleasure room ideas. Now you know how to make a pleasure room. Have fun with it and let us know how it goes.

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Alone for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays or Alone for the Holidays?

Ana Lefebvre
I crossed my eyes out because that was the old me. The one with no self esteem and self worth.

How to be alone for the holidays.

Oh, it is the Holiday season, again. It happens every year, but somehow a good percentage of us that celebrate the holidays are not ready, sometimes year after year.

I’ll take you back several years in my life. November 25th, like clockwork, the Christmas tree was up, and outside lights were lit (neighborhood competition). Christmas presents were already bought (I had at least 20 people on my list) and I had already started purchasing all of the dried products for Christmas Day’s menu if I was staying in town.

If I was staying in town, I was cooking Christmas Eve lasagna. It would take all day because I made the sauce from scratch (I am originally from New Jersey). I would start Christmas Dinner preparation on the 23rd and on the 25th I would host breakfast and dinner. On one of my last carnivorous Christmas, everyone had their own Cornish hen.

My dog would have a costume and cookies would be made and on standby. Spiked eggnog and Apple Cider along with 5 different alcohols were always available. If you wanted to eat and drink, you would come to my house. 

That was several years ago. 

Fast forward to today…I haven’t trimmed the Christmas tree in years. I haven’t cooked Christmas dinner in years. Looking back I thought my life would be completely different on all Holidays going forward. Oh, they are different alright.

Full transparency, in 2019 I was making happy videos on Instagram and wishing everyone Happy Holidays, but I didn’t get out of bed. I had to plan Christmas parties for other people, but I did not get out of bed. I flew to another state to run away from my shattered life, but I didn’t get out of bed. After that year I knew I had to change my narrative, so I did.

Here’s how to go forward when you are alone for the Holidays. I don’t mean that you are completely alone, I mean alone romantically.

1. Who gives a F, you were alone for at least part of the year. Don’t make a big deal of it now

Think about the money that you are saving on gifts and just spend it on yourself. You can probably give yourself a better gift than anyone else can. If you want to give, give to charity. Donate to a foundation. Bless someone. Give. 

2. Start a new tradition

Do you have the holidays off? Do things you couldn’t do if you were in a relationship. Productive things. Go to a spa on Christmas eve. Start a Christmas tradition with your family and friends. If you are seriously pining keep productively busy. Get yourself ready for the New Year. Plan the trip you always wanted to take. Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself? It is seriously empowering.

3. Take a vacation

If you want to get away, get away if you can. Prices will be cheaper in certain destinations because it is the Holidays. If you can’t get away or can’t afford to order your favorite food, watch your favorite movie, or take a bath. Relax. Hopefully, your home is so peaceful that you can take a mini vacation in it. It will be okay. 

4. Surround yourself with family and/or friends.

If you have them. I live away from my family now, so I had to come to a place where I had to be accepting and happy to be alone for the holidays. Ignoring the holidays does not help but instead being happy within yourself. I take a small piece of something I would traditionally do and implement it. 

5. Be happy that you are alive

Waking up thankful will help your mental health immensely. It really is just a holiday even if it is a magical one. Make your own magic. You really have to find what makes you happy and focus on that. It is just another day, respectfully. 

If you are really serious about not spending another holiday alone read these articles next.

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ways to drive women wild

8 Ways To Drive Women Wild

I’m writing this because I recently read a really stupid article from a “dating coach” for men that had some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen written under this topic. For starters, the article and site, which I will leave unnamed (the article is titled “Ways to make women absolutely wild”) started off by saying to show up to her home or place of work unannounced. So they are telling men to participate in actual stalking? If you show up unannounced to either of those places of mine, I would be weirded out and annoyed. There’s a difference between a surprise, being inconsiderate, or creepy. Sending flowers unannounced, food, etc to an address you were given is something completely different. The article also mentioned to wait days after a date to contact her.

“The last person that did that to me (waiting days to contact me after a date) ended up losing me to a man that wasn’t playing about me. The date ended and the next night we ended up on another date.” -Ana

Here are 8 ways to drive women wild

  1. Surprise her with thoughtfulness. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it could be something as simple as getting her a book. Flowers or lunch sent to her job (if you have her permission), take her car to get washed, oil change, etc. Do not show up announced, especially if you are not an item. I personally would prefer to know in advance (doesn’t have to be alot of time in advance, but a considerate about of time)  just to make sure I can plan time to spend with you versus a random visit where I have to fit you into my schedule 

2. Mix up your way of communication.  If you guys mostly text, call her to say good morning. Leave a voicemail. Send videos on social media. I don’t know about y’all, but I am grown. If I want to talk to you I will. I know there’s usually a nervous/ sticky period of time where you don’t know if you should contact someone a certain way, but the way to get over that introductory phase is to push past it by doing new things like calling or texting several times a day. It really depends on the type of relationship you want with her.

Do not use this information for evil.

If you want a traditional relationship where you are the “leader”, then make sure initially you are doing most of the out-reach. Once you both become more comfortable in the relationship, the dynamics of who is contacting who first will definitely mature and change. If it doesn’t you might want to re-evaluate your “relationship”. Also, make sure you are giving it time to mature.

things guys do that girls love

3. Learn how she communicates and communicate. Be consistent with it. Explain your day and ask her about hers. 

4. When you ask her what she wants to eat, and if she answers “I don’t know” have a couple of suggestions ready. Sometimes she knows what she wants to eat, but she doesn’t want to suggest something that you won’t enjoy. Having options prepared shows how you are in charge. Listen I don’t know why “we” do this. It is obnoxiously annoying, but whatever. 

5. If you see someone you are interested in public, do not come off slimy by saying a clichè line. Sincere PG compliments are okay. Corny comments or compliments can be okay too, just have discernment and realize that this is your first impression. Don’t give her your phone number and expect a call, especially if you were interested first. Just because you are interested in her, doesn’t mean that she is or has to be interested in you. If you are approaching her, keep that same energy and call her. Text her, because who are you at this point? You need to show her.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting a Lady

You should really treat the woman that you are interested in like she is the number #1 woman in the entire world and that you are lucky to have a morsel of attention. This has nothing to do with not believing that you are amazing too, just traditionally the man pursues the woman. Do not let these new-wave/red-pill generational dating rules affect your dating life if you are into traditional relationships.

6. When being intimate learn her body. That takes bedroom communication skills. Learn her favorite positions and be generous. Watch this video for tips-

7. If you had a great date together let her know that night. Text her and follow up with her that night. Be chivalrous and make sure she got home safely. Do not wait days to tell her that you had a great time and that you would like to see her. At this point you both really owe each other nothing. She could have other prospects. 

8. Keep you intentions clear. Don’t lead her on. Don’t be hot and cold. Skip the pull back stage that men are notorious for. If you want a grown @$$ relationship, then act like a grown up.

Ana Lefebvre What Girls find Attractive in Guys
Author/ Relationship Guru Ana Lefebvre

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proxemics and the surprise attraction

Proxemics and The Surprised Attraction

We've all been there before. That moment when you have a really good friend and then out of nowhere you begin to find them surprisingly attractive. There is a word to describe it: Proxemics.

proxemics and the surprise attraction

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels

The idea of proxemics is very real. The more time you spend with someone within your preference, the more you will become attracted to that person. So the thought begins to linger in your mind: Should we potentially ruin our friendship with trying to be more than friends? Should we give into temptation and become intimate with each other? Those questions among others are answered by the Thundercats on this week’s episode.

Also in this episode, P-Mac & He-Man discuss brutal honesty and how it may hurt your significant other in the moment, but how they will learn to respect you for it in the long run. Find out all of this and more on The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast Episode 63, “Jinkies”.


Chambers Street Enterprises brings to you The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast featuring The Thundercats, Paul “P-Mac” Chambers (@MacsWorldCSE) and Starlen “He-Man” Roddy (@Thundercat254). Join the guys on this wild ride as they discuss everything in regards to relationships, sex and crazy life situations these two best friends have experienced along the way.

The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and IHeart Radio. Also YouTube on Chambers Street TV.

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The Stages of Dating

Dating means different things to different people. Have you found yourself struggling to define exactly what stage of dating you are in?

The Different Stages of Dating

This week the Thundercats, P-Mac & He-Man, discuss the different stages of dating, signs to look for early on in a love interest, and exactly what someone’s true intentions are in regards to dating and relationships. Is it something casual? Have you both decided to cut off any other situations you may be holding onto? Are you both all in on each other and eager to see if there is a future? Check out The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast Episode 62, “The Show Must Go On” to gain some insight and clarity. 



Chambers Street Enterprises brings to you The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast featuring The Thundercats, Paul “P-Mac” Chambers (@MacsWorldCSE) and Starlen “He-Man” Roddy (@Thundercat254). Join the guys on this wild ride as they discuss everything in regards to relationships, sex and crazy life situations these two best friends have experienced along the way.

The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and IHeart Radio. Also YouTube on Chambers Street TV.

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Love and Lust Camille Corbett

Misogyny in Today’s Society

Click Here to listen to Youtube
Love and Lust Camille Corbett
Click here to Listen On Your Podcast Platform of Choice

The Different Shapes of Vaginas/ Misogyny in Today’s Society 

In Episode 31 of Love and Lust, The Podcast, Ana Lefebvre and Camille Corbett discuss social issues such as Misogyny in Today’s Society.

Misogyny is the dislike of women, contempt of women, or prejudice against women. Just like systematic racism, misogyny has been going on for so long that many people spread it without a second thought.

Love and Lust, The Podcast, has a mission to highlight and bring attention to these social issues. Hopefully after listening to Episode 31 people can start to recognize when they are being misogynistic and news flash, women can be misogynistic too. 

Sexism occurs so vastly that everyone must be very aware of what misogyny is and how to stop it. I have found out that a lot of people are unconscious of their Misogynist behavior. Sweetie and Doja Cat came out with a song recently, called Best Friend, where they called out the “fake-woke” men that are actually misogynistic. If you are unaware if you are a misogynist please click here.

Also discussed in Episode 31 of Love and Lust is the different Shapes of Vaginas. To view what types of vaginas you might have seen (*wink *wink) click here.

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About Camille Corbett


To check out her Pilot: @crystalandchelsea 

Love and Lust, The Podcast

Relationship Communication is what Love & Lust the podcast is about. It is Ana Lefebvre’s mission in life to give women a voice in the bedroom. Communication starts in the home and transcends to every other avenue of your life: career, finances, etc. “Once I took charge of my life in its complete entity, everything began to change for the better.” – Ana Lefebvre  

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