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Remain True to our Core beyond Outward impressions

Ana Lefebvre

Living the Unbounded Life


Founded in 2017 by Ana Lefebvre, an independent journalist, actress, author, and entrepreneur, My Unbounded Life is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and representation in media. Driven by Ana’s visionary commitment to diversity, we strive to create a platform that celebrates all voices and stories, embracing a mission that began well before the broader movement gained momentum in 2020.

Our Mission is to

  • Promote Inclusivity: Ensure diverse representation across all content.
  • Amplify Voices: Highlight and celebrate stories from underrepresented communities.
  • Break Boundaries: Challenge conventional norms and foster innovative perspectives.
  • Inspire Change: Encourage societal progress through impactful storytelling.
  • Foster Community: Build a supportive and engaged community of readers and contributors.
  • Uphold Integrity: Maintain high standards of journalism and authenticity in all our work.