February's Door Wreath

A Lovely Wreath for the Month of Love

Ana Veiga
Valentines Day Wreath
Valentine's Day Decor

It was the 3rd of February.

January had slipped itself under the door and into yestermonth – and before I knew it, it was February. Somehow, I lost the time between January 18th and February 3rd. Maybe it’s the dreaded beginning of tax season, the end of the month paperwork, or just being oblivious, but I didn’t have time to point fingers.

I ran into the night to rectify the situation at hand- my February wreath- 3 days late.

I already had it in my mind that the wreath would be about Valentine’s Day not spring …as I whisked into Michaels, my trusty last minute craft shop.

Immediately, my problems aligned with their almost non-existent Valentine’s Day décor.

My other challenge- I was out of time to make one from scratch. I had dinner plans in less than two hours and the Super Bowel was the next day.

I knew that I need a quick fix. It would be absolutely unacceptable that my wreath would go up four days late!

I found these two wreaths separately, combined them, and added a white ribbon and rose-gold wreath hanger.

And Bravo!

February’s wreath.

All supplies cost under $13 with coupons. I actually didn’t have coupons, but I am in a habit of always asking store employees if there are any coupons that I should know about. I used a 20% off on top of a 40% off. Michaels will sometimes accept Joann Fabric’s coupons.