Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

A new season always brings new fashion from the runways of Millan, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and more. Here are some of the biggest fashion trends for accessories and clothing.

Read below for 10 of the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2019.


Cross Body Fanny Pac

The Cross Body Fanny Pac is still in trend for spring 2019 fashion. The sports brands are more popular this year than before. Fila and Adidas are the most popular this season. 


Flared Pants

Flared pants are in for spring 2019 fashion. Last spring the cropped flairs were in style. This year the floor length flairs are in style. 


The Jean Jacket

The jean jacket was popular in last summer’s fashion, and it is popular again. Easy to pair and very versatile. 



Neons are back in style this spring/summer 2019. Brighten up your work day with a neon blazer. If neon is too bright for your, opt for a neon color accessory.


Biker Shorts

Biker shorts made their debut back in our closets last year and they are back for the spring summer 2019 fashion trends. Dress them up or down, or wear to the gym. Get fancy and pair with a white blouse or a shinny crop top. 


Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt are back in style. Light weight an easy to pair with tights for those cold spring days. The mid-length style is in trend. 


Classic White Blouse

Since Patterns are so popular this season, the classic white blouse creates the perfect pairing. 


Colorful Maxi

A huge spring 2019 fashion trend is patterns. This will be the true test of any fashionista or fashion expert. How many patterns can you aesthetically pair together?


Crochet Tops

The crochet patterns is back in for spring fashion. The pattern is interesting to look at and also breezy to pull off. The pairing with the right bottom is limitless since crochet goes with almost all other materials. 


The Color Mustard

Yellow is the springs fashion color. To be more specific the color mustard is one of the top spring 2019 fashion trends. 

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Spring 2019 Fashion Trends
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Winter fashion 2018

Ideas for Winter Outfits 2018


Ideas for Winter Outfits 2018

FEATURING Onayeme Jelugbo @powerinstincts

Winter fashion 2018

Winter is here and blogger Onayeme @powerinstincts is here to help you curate perfect winter looks. Many of these classic items you’ll already own, so bring out the sweaters, turtule necks, boots….

Here are some Ideas for Winter Outfits 2018

1. A cute "jumper dress'' is a great way to layer

Depending on the weather, you can layer it up or down, with tights or leggings. 

“PRO TIP: Throw a turtleneck under your fave summer dress so you can wear it allllll year round,” -@powerinstincts

2. Invest in comfortable sweaters that are not a drab color

Just because it is winter, does not mean that you have to dress in dark colors. 

“Serums have really saved my skin this winter.” -Ana

3. Bring out the wool

Wool is a very seasonal fabric.

“This bronzing oil gives me a subtle glow.”- Ana

4. Don't pack or un-pack your maxi skirt

The extra barrier will help keep makeup from “caking” and will seal in your moisturizer. 

“I do not step out without primer during the winter, regardless of wearing makeup or not.” -Ana

5. Invest in a chunky heel boot

Chunky heels are way more comfortable than stilettos chunky boots are more versatile. 

“Brevity’s body scrub is extremely hydrating.” -Ana

6. Invest in a body forming jacket

Invest in a jacket that gives you a shape. 

“I love a good sheet mask during the winter. Super hydrating.”- Ana

Winter fashion 2018

Onayeme Jelugbo


summer to fall clothing

How to Transition your closet from Summer to Fall


How to Transition your Closet from Summer to Fall

Staff Writer

summer to fall clothing

Cooler nights are ahead (for those of us in season changing climates) leaving us in the predicament of what to wear in that in-between time. Heres how to transition your closet from summer to fall in just 9 ways that won’t break the bank: 

1. Don't put away your Sundresses...yet

Add a jean jacket and a tee shirt underneath your sundress. Swap out the sandals for canvas sneakers or cute trainers. Add brassy jewelry. 

2. Maxi Dress

Add a knit button up sweater to your Maxi Dress. Since Maxi dresses are long and flowy, adding a shapely element will not also add layers, but give you a waist. Swap the sandals for canvas sneakers or trainers or add booties.

3. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits/Overalls/Rompers were popular again in Summer 2018. Add a blazer or shapely cotton jacket. The key with layers are the clothing materials and also having one shapely piece.

4. Tights

Wear them under dress and skirts, the key again, is material matching. There are many different types of tights with different designs and colors. You can find a pair for any occasion. 

5. Go Darker

Swap out Neon’s or bright colors for more Jewel toned colors. That will make anything that you are wearing more fall-ish. Even a sundress. 

6. Darker Makeup

Wear a darker hue of lipstick and blush- this will automatically make anything that you are wearing look more fall-ish (unless you are wearing neon clothing lol). Cherry hued eyeshadow is also the perfect eyeshadow transition between summer- fall/ fall – winter.

7. The Boyfriend Shirt

Take his (or hers) button down-  aka the “boyfriend shirt”. Layering with a button down provides warmth and also a nice flavor to your outfit. An instant cabin feeling. 

8. The Cardigan

Invest in a new cardigan that you can throw on and off. Target sells quality and affordable cardigans. Instead of opting for black, try gray or tan. Both colors are neutral and work with almost everything.

9. Scarf’s

 Some fall days are almost as warm as summer. Use a lightweight scarf to keep you warm on the days were the weather is shifting in between. It will also add a pop of color to your outfit. 

How do you Transition from Summer to Fall?

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Summer outfit Ideas

Casual Summer Outfit Ideas


Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

Featuring influencer @classroom.couture


Summer outfit Ideas

Summer is here and so are the new fashion trends. Here are some of our favorite casual summer outfit ideas by influencer @classroom.couture. 

8. A classic summer dress that you can dress down and up 

Wedding Guest

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Fashion- What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Staff Writer

Wedding Guest

What to wear to a summer wedding? This will help.

What to wear to a summer wedding? A summer wedding is really fun, but when it comes to dressing it can be tricky. Some weddings have a dress code that you have to follow. Some weddings do not… so what do yo do when there isn’t a dress code? Here are some ideas that will help you to choose the perfect outfit for every summer wedding.

Vintage summer wedding dressing:

Vintage summer wedding theme is all about denoting a classic sense of fashion and style. There are so many vintage dresses denoting feminism and a classic sign of attitude and style. Don’t wear a too long dress, enjoy a mid-length and don’t forget to wear eyeliner. Use simple accessories kitten heels

Country summer wedding dressing:

Countryside weddings in summer are simple and elegant. No bold makeup and colors of your outfits will suit in this wedding. Wear light color dress with an A-line hem which will make you look like a wildflower and totally different from others. Check and see if it is outdoor or indoor and wear the appropriate shoes.

Beach summer wedding dressing:

These are the most casual outfit occasions. Even beach weddings give you an opportunity to have some fun of yours. No heels only sandals on beach wedding with a loose ponytail or wavy hairs. A maxi dress is the most ideal outfit for a beach wedding. Wear a simple eye makeup with a matte lipstick. Look sophisticated not over on a beach summer wedding.

Traditional summer wedding dressing:

Hey, it’s time to go formal now. Choose a chic dress that goes down to the ankle or at least the knee with high heels or stilettos. Wearing black might make you look more different and unique, but you really need to choose the right accessories and makeup for getting ready for a classic or traditional wedding. You can wear bold colors too in this kind of summer wedding.

 Here are some tips that will help you out to be totally professional in getting ready for a summer wedding.

  1. Always follow the dress code:

If a wedding has a dress code always follow it. Remember this day is all about the bride and groom and besides, following the dress code makes you more attached to the wedding.

2. Follow the wedding theme and respect it:

One again, this day is about the happy couple. 

3. Wear clothes that can allow you to have fun:

Don’t wear very tight clothes which will make it impossible for you to have fun. Choose the clothes that are easy and comfortable to have fun all the time.

By following these 3 simple and easy tips you are ready to go and have fun at a summer wedding.

History of the Jean Jacket

The History of the Jean Jacket

The History of the Jean Jacket


Staff Reporter

Oh the Jean Jacket/ Denim Jacket. Love it or Hate it has been apart of everyone’s generation as an unisex item. It is probably the most reliable jacket it a closet.

The beginning of the history of the jean jacket traces back to the 1800s in Italy as it was used as apart of a military uniform.

In America, it is visually traced back to the early 1900s with Levi Strauss and Co.’s 506.

It was first labeled the “Levi Blouse” and then renamed “Jacket”. By the mid 1990s the jean/denim jacket moved away from just being a staple of the “working-man” and into a fashion symbol for both men and women and also for many different styles.

Celebrities like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, made it popular and stylish fashion item in the 1950s and 1960.

History of Jean Jacket

As the decades moved along, the style of the jacket changed and more clothing companies began to make it. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears continued its relevancy in the later 1900s. In the 2000s many pop stars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus kept it relevancy and companies like Levi keep its legacy.

Love it or hate it, the jean jacket’s has a lengthy history and is one fashion staple that has followed us through out the decades.  

Summer Fashion Trends for 2018

Summer Fashion Trends for 2018

Summer Fashion Trends for 2018


Staff Reporter

Affordable Summer Fashion Trends for 2018.

1. Hats to protect your skin

The ball cap is still around is is a great way to hide 2nd day hair and your skin from the sun. 

Hats are from Walmart

2. Head Wraps

Full scarfs and smaller head scarfs are in. Match with an outfit or not, it is a fun way to keep hair off your shoulders in the hot summer heat. 

Head Wraps
Head-wraps from Walmart

3. Blouses

Puffy and tie-up blouses are a fashion “in” for 2018 summer fashion trends. 

Blouses from Amazon
Blouses from Amazon

4. Joggers

Athletic-wear is going nowhere. Cute and comfy fashion are in. Leggings are out which is great because joggers do not stick to your skin as much as leggings. 

Matching Joggers
V-neck from Target/ Joggers from FashionNova

5. Matching Sets

Matching is still in. Not sure when it will not be in anymore. It makes everything so easy!