Look Like a Wifey F like a side B


How much of a factor do you think that YOUR self-esteem plays in a relationship? Now, ask yourself another question. How does the healthiness of your romantic relationship play into your everyday life? When you are in a healthy relationship and truly feel loved and respected, the world gets to see the best version of you. Wouldn’t you agree? But what if you aren’t in a healthy relationship? How does that play into your self-esteem? How does that make you feel on the inside? Close your eyes and picture the difference for a moment. I’m sure the differences can be quite a stark contrast. In order to properly love someone, you have to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. And that’s what this book is all about. “Look Like A Wifey, F–k Like A Side B—h” is all about helping people gain the understanding and the importance of self-esteem. When your self-esteem is high, you lead with confidence and grace. When your self-esteem is high, you love yourself more. You ONLY want to deal with situations that are right for you. And that’s what this book is all about.  Written by Ana Lefebvre, host of the relationship podcast “Love & Lust”, “Look Like A Wifey, F–k Like A Side B—h” aims to reinforce to both men and women alike that self-esteem along with communication are fundamental in any relationship. In fact, these are two of the most important factors amongst many others that are key to nurturing and maintaining a healthy relationship.It is important to own your narrative. It is important to know your own self-worth and value. Both parties in a relationship should have this very basic but core understanding. It seems so simple but for some people, it’s not. Understanding in a relationship is so crucial. Also, there are several other factors that can determine the success of your relationship.

The first that you should be in any relationship is to first have the self-awareness to know yourself. You should be able to pinpoint and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is super important because you can begin to work on YOU! No one… and I mean no one is perfect. It’s also important to “stay in your lane”. Meaning that your life is your life and your life only. It doesn’t pay to keep up with Jones or compete with them. You don’t know what it’s really like in their world. Now… another thing to remember is that it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to put your own interest first. You have to protect yourself and maintain your sanity. You should always lift others up, and not just your partner. It is also important to remember to be a “giver”. This means being a giving person and being a “giver” to your partner. To be caring… to make sure your mate is happy. But this also requires you to be vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to receive… vulnerable enough to understand. There are quite a few other things to take away from “Look Like A Wifey, F–k Like A Side B—h” and we’ll guarantee, if you follow these steps, you will find better relationships because you will truly love yourself. Which in turn will create a deeper love connection with your partner.

A Message From Ana Lefebvre

For decades, we have been told what it is like to be a husband or a wife. If you look at the statistics you can see this is all a load of crap. It is obviously not working. This old fashion thought process of what a wife is, is only a hindrance to who we actually are.

Now the Side B**** is nothing new, they’ve always been around. We’ve replaced the “old fashion” verbiage of “mistress” with the new term Side B****. But why? Why has the phenomenon of being a side b or having a side b rampantly running and to some, ruining society?

Well let me explain and you can see if you are a part of the phenomenon or the plight.

But let’s start at the very beginning…