What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

Taking a break in a relationship can be beneficial for both partners. It’s a chance to step away and reassess the relationship to determine if it’s worth saving or if it’s time to move on. Despite the potential positives of a break, research shows that they can also be detrimental to relationships, depending on how they are handled.

Are you the toxic one in relationships

Are you the Toxic One in Your Relationships?

“The truth is that most of us have at least one toxic trait that we need to work on.”  
Sometimes we are stuck in our own way. Sometimes we have been single for so long that we forget that we have to compromise when we get into a new relationship, and we end up bringing that single mentally into it. Sometimes we are just a$$holes that are lucky to have someone put up with us :). 

The emotionally cut off partner
Couple that Farts

Why Farting in front of your partner is Actually a good sign for your Relationship


“Was that you?”

“Yes because I love you so much.” 

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Romance Novel of the month

Damaged Goods by A.S. Rose
Featured Romance Novel: Damaged Goods by A.S. Rose

Twenty-six-year-old graphic designer, Alexa Svensson moves to Downtown Los Angeles for a job opportunity. A few days later, she meets Entrepreneur, Alexander (Ally) DiPietro, who is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

Ally is captivated by Alexa’s beauty, but he knows that he wants more than a sexual relationship with her. He is ready to settle down with the one. Little does he know, Alexa has thrown away the notion of love. Little does she know, she has met her stubborn match.

Ally knows that Alexa is haunted by something, but he is not afraid–he has a dark past as well and he believes she is worth fighting for. 

But can Alexa let go of her past and allow in the possibility of love?