things guys do that girls love

8 Ways To Drive Women Wild

Ways to drive women wild

I’m writing this because I recently read a really stupid article from a “dating coach” for men that had some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen written under this topic. For starters, the article and site, which I will leave unnamed (the article is titled “Ways to make women absolutely wild”) started off by saying to show up to her home or place of work unannounced. So they are telling men to participate in actual stalking? If you show up unannounced to either of those places of mine, I would be weirded out and annoyed. There’s a difference between a surprise, being inconsiderate, or creepy. Sending flowers unannounced, food, etc to an address you were given is something completely different. The article also mentioned to wait days after a date to contact her.

“The last person that did that to me (waiting days to contact me after a date) ended up losing me to a man that wasn’t playing about me. The date ended and the next night we ended up on another date.” -Ana

Here are 8 ways to drive women wild

  1. Surprise her with thoughtfulness. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it could be something as simple as getting her a book. Flowers or lunch sent to her job (if you have her permission), take her car to get washed, oil change, etc. Do not show up announced, especially if you are not an item. I personally would prefer to know in advance (doesn’t have to be alot of time in advance, but a considerate about of time)  just to make sure I can plan time to spend with you versus a random visit where I have to fit you into my schedule 

2. Mix up your way of communication.  If you guys mostly text, call her to say good morning. Leave a voicemail. Send videos on social media. I don’t know about y’all, but I am grown. If I want to talk to you I will. I know there’s usually a nervous/ sticky period of time where you don’t know if you should contact someone a certain way, but the way to get over that introductory phase is to push past it by doing new things like calling or texting several times a day. It really depends on the type of relationship you want with her.

Do not use this information for evil.

If you want a traditional relationship where you are the “leader”, then make sure initially you are doing most of the out-reach. Once you both become more comfortable in the relationship, the dynamics of who is contacting who first will definitely mature and change. If it doesn’t you might want to re-evaluate your “relationship”. Also, make sure you are giving it time to mature.

things guys do that girls love

3. Learn how she communicates and communicate. Be consistent with it. Explain your day and ask her about hers. 

4. When you ask her what she wants to eat, and if she answers “I don’t know” have a couple of suggestions ready. Sometimes she knows what she wants to eat, but she doesn’t want to suggest something that you won’t enjoy. Having options prepared shows how you are in charge. Listen I don’t know why “we” do this. It is obnoxiously annoying, but whatever. 

5. If you see someone you are interested in public, do not come off slimy by saying a clichè line. Sincere PG compliments are okay. Corny comments or compliments can be okay too, just have discernment and realize that this is your first impression. Don’t give her your phone number and expect a call, especially if you were interested first. Just because you are interested in her, doesn’t mean that she is or has to be interested in you. If you are approaching her, keep that same energy and call her. Text her, because who are you at this point? You need to show her.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting a Lady

You should really treat the woman that you are interested in like she is the number #1 woman in the entire world and that you are lucky to have a morsel of attention. This has nothing to do with not believing that you are amazing too, just traditionally the man pursues the woman. Do not let these new-wave/red-pill generational dating rules affect your dating life if you are into traditional relationships.

6. When being intimate learn her body. That takes bedroom communication skills. Learn her favorite positions and be generous. Watch this video for tips-

7. If you had a great date together let her know that night. Text her and follow up with her that night. Be chivalrous and make sure she got home safely. Do not wait days to tell her that you had a great time and that you would like to see her. At this point you both really owe each other nothing. She could have other prospects. 

8. Keep you intentions clear. Don’t lead her on. Don’t be hot and cold. Skip the pull back stage that men are notorious for. If you want a grown @$$ relationship, then act like a grown up.

Ana Lefebvre What Girls find Attractive in Guys
Author/ Relationship Guru Ana Lefebvre

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10 things guys do that women love

10 Things Guys Do That Women Love

Read below and see if you agree that these are some of the top things guys do that women love.

Now every female is different, but according to social media, these are the most popular things that guys do that women love.

1. The one-handed steering wheel turn

 It is something about controlling something with one hand that is a huge turn-on. I think it just shows power, control, and confidence.

2. Randomly bringing food 

Whether it is a simple snack or an entire meal, it is the thought that counts, but make sure it is something she eats, otherwise, it may backfire. Food is a love language for a lot of people. 

3. Loaning clothing

Or giving… If you want to get her to constantly remember you, loan her a jacket/hoodie/shirt, etc. It’s something about wearing your man’s clothing.

4. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

This traditional gesture was actually started to protect women from dust/debris/horse and carriage splashes. Now it is seen more as a sign of dominance.

5. Not being ashamed of PDA in public

I’m not saying to have a full-blown make-out session, but not being ashamed to show affection in the public solidifies the relationship as being a relationship.

6. Picking a romance movie

Stereotypically, romance movies are geared towards and are for “females”, picking something outside of your usual norm shows that you are willing to have a relationship to where there is give and take.

7. Random eye contact and smiles

It’s the assurance and the private moment together to where you feel like the most important person in the world.

8. Texts mentioning him thinking of her

Once again it’s the assurance of letting her know that the day will not go by without you thinking about her.

9. Holding Hands

Holding hands is a form of intimacy. A form of non-verbal communication. Studies have shown that holding hands can be a huge stress reliever and also give a sense of security. 

Read: Sex vs Intimacy and the Difference Between the Two

10. Referring to her as “his woman”

Once again securing her placement in her life. Yes “my woman” can go a couple of ways and of course the discussion of the relationship status should occur, but once again that primitive dominance is a turn-on.

sex clubs

Going to a Sex Club

sex clubs

Love & Lust the Podcast Episode 48- What going to a sex club is actually like. 

Love & Lust is a podcast about sex and relationships. For the full interview about sex clubs, please click the links above. Read the interview by Ana Lefebvre below. 

Ana- What is a sex club?


This is coming from a person who has never experienced a sex club in my life. This is purely for the beginners out there, my initial impression- it’s really intimidating. You don’t know really what to expect, but it’s really just a liberating free-for-all place as far as like, what can be done, what you can do, what you can explore, exhibitionism, dungeons, playroom …anything.


Ana- Can you go by yourself or do you have to go with people?


In the one primarily here, it is really just for couples. They do their pricing that way, so it’s cheaper for a couple to go in. If you’re a single woman, you can go in, and it’s like $20, but if youre a single man, it’s like $200, and then it’s really just a place where swingers can go ahead and explore other body types or other types of different people you wouldn’t naturally see in your own life.


Ana- If you are single and you’re going by yourself, is there an opportunity to meet up with other people?

There’s an opportunity to meet new people in a sex club as a single woman that I saw, but if youre a single man, they do like a 10 to 1 ratio- so for every 10 couples that go in, one single male can go in. It is more crowded with females. 


Ana- How do you find a sex club?

I found it through word of mouth, but if youre on FetLife or anything like that, those are really the people that are in the know. 


Ana- Did you have to sign up for different “play” rooms in the sex club you attended?

No. You can utilize any of the rooms that are there on the premises. They have a hotel room that you can stay in. They have different sex-themed rooms in the sex club and people will go directly just for those rooms, but anyways, going into it as a person that never really understood what Kinks I liked, I didn’t know which room to go to. In the dungeon, you just walked in and it’s not really like anybody’s regulating it. You just kind of going in, you’re observing and then you can jump in. It’s not like you have to sign up or anything like that. You just start partaking. 


Ana- Are there people that walk around that are a part of the club that watch and make sure that everything is going according to the agreement of the, I am going to call them players of, the players in the club.


Yes, so they do have employees. It’s really just one of the cleanest places, I’ve ever been to. They have clean towels for you, clean sheets for you all that stuff, to make sure that everything is as clean as possible.


Ana- How big was it? Ikea big or Chilis big?


It’s Ikea big. They have 130 rooms from what I remember and that’s just for people to stay on-premises. They have a nightclub. They have an outdoor area with a pool and jacuzzi and outdoor bars. 


Ana- Let’s talk about cell phones. What’s the rule with cell phones?


So you’re not supposed to have it on you. You’re not allowed to have your cell phone to take pictures and what happens there stays there because you have so many different people from all walks of life that come in there.


Ana- What about condoms?


You have to supply your own, definitely, if you are going to play with any other partners or whatever, definitely bring extra. They have lockers there to where you can go ahead and load up your ammo.


Ana- Do you have any advice for men and for women when they go to the sex club for the very first time.


I want to say, just be confident in what you have and what youre doing, because obviously, everybody’s going to be different sizes and have different capabilities. Women be confident! You are considered a queen in this environment. Explore. You never know what’s out there for you and what you may like.

To listen to the complete interview, please click here for Spotify  or here for youtube.


Signs a man is pretending to love you

6 Signs a Man is Pretending to Love You

When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to want to believe that your partner loves you genuinely. However, sometimes, people pretend to love for various reasons, including personal gain or avoiding confrontation. In this article, we will explore six signs that may indicate a man is pretending to love you.

What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

Taking a break in a relationship can be beneficial for both partners. It’s a chance to step away and reassess the relationship to determine if it’s worth saving or if it’s time to move on. Despite the potential positives of a break, research shows that they can also be detrimental to relationships, depending on how they are handled.

how to start a conversation on a dating app

How to Start a Conversation on a Dating App

how to start a conversation on a dating app
Asking Ana

Oh, dating apps. Do you love or hate them?

Regardless of your feelings about them, it is the most contemporary way to date in the current millennial culture. 

This guide will help you regarding how to start your conversation when you are dating online. An intriguing one liner is what you need initially. But how to prose the perfect initial statement?

Let’s find out a few methods that you can use for starting a conversation on a dating app.

You can start the conversation with a question

Think of an interesting question to ask. I have a friend that is a pro on these apps. He has 5-7 pictures on either tinder or bumble and he starts his conversations depending on the picture that the person clicked on. If it is an outdoorsy picture, he talks about something pertaining to being outside. If it is a formal picture, he curates his initial question, well formally.

If it is a food picture, then talk about food. Do you see where I am going here?

It can be a would you rather related question or you can go for the question that is a little bit more quirky to give an edge to the conversation. Just don’t overdo it and ask something that is completely random and not individualized. 

You can also ask for recommendations

Actually read their bio and look at their pictures. There is a difference between coming off as observant versus stalkerish. Observe a fact about them and ask for a recommendation leaning towards that. This is an incredibly easy way to start a conversation on a dating app. 

Start with a fact about yourself

You can start with a fact about yourself and leave room for discussion, by asking a question at the end about it. Once again, curate towards the person. Don’t open with a random fact just about yourself. Tie yourself and the person together. 

For example, if I saw a picture of them in Chicago I would say something like:

“I’ve never been to Chicago, what would be something you recommend doing if I go.”

Make sure you are sincere in your questions. This can be the perfect icebreaker to start with and also, an easy way to begin a conversation. 

Complement their bio

If you find something interesting in their bio, use it as an opportunity to break the ice and start a conversation with the other person. Once again, make sure you leave it open-ended.

Do not be sugar-sweet

Be yourself and do not overdo it. When you are being a little too extra (not yourself)  it can be seen as a red flag. Be nice and be real. Being authentic to yourself is what matters the most. 

Ask them questions about their goals 

Asking about their future may be too ambitious, but asking for their goals is different. When you are starting to talk to someone it is important that you understand what they want, but don’t push it. Live in the moment a bit. It will help you to align yourself with them and you will know if you are on the same page or not.

It will give you more ideas regarding what to talk about and what not to talk about. 

Once again, read the bio. They may not be on the dating app for the same reasons that you are on it and do not be too intense. Do not ask something that is uncomfortable. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”- is way too much. Instead, ask them about something that is not so far out. 

Spark the chemistry with quirky questions and do not rush things

If you are moving too fast it might deter the other person; therefore, it is best that you keep it slow but start with quirky conversation starters initially.

Think of something that is creative and lighthearted. When you both are comfortable with each other, it is easier to learn about the other person.

Wondering what to start with?

Let me help you out with a few ways to start a conversation on a dating app:

  • You can ask them about their photos.
  • You can ask them if there are places that they want to visit. I would ask this if you find photos regarding travel on their profile, or something about traveling in their description. In the initial conversation, do not ask random questions. It is more sincere when you ask a question pertaining to them. 
  • You can ask them about their work and their job and open the floor to discussing yours. Work can be a great conversation starter.
  • You can talk about your favorite music or their favorite singer. You can discuss movies that you like and the books that you’ve read. Food is also a great conversation starter. Apps like Tinder also have an option to list your favorite Spotify songs. Once again, I can not stress this enough, initially discuss things that pertain to them. 

Try not to be a conversation killer and keep your conversation open-ended.


I would be careful of the over-the-top compliments at the beginning of the conversation because they can come off insincere.

Make sure that you are not making fun of yourself because it might seem self-deprecating and show a lack of confidence.

Make sure you are approachable. When you are approachable and you are asking open ended questions, you are allowing room for a conversation. 

Also, check the app. Do not get on and message people only to respond days later. If you want to be successful on the app then you need to be proactive on the dating app. 

Couple exchanging numbers

Relationship Red flags That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Red Flags in a Relationship

After a few bad relationship experiences, you might be scared of stepping into another relationship. That  is completely natural! Relationships can be complicated and at times, really messy.

If you are planning to start dating someone, you should remember that it can go completely south, or it may turn out to be amazing.


A relationship is more like a gamble, where there is a risk that you do not always win the lottery. But when you know a few obvious signs, you can save yourself from the emotional trauma that comes when you get into a serious relationship.

Red flags (a term that is commonly used in relationships today) are the deal breakers that should be in your mind whenever you start a relationship.

You might need to be a little open-minded, but don’t be a fool to trust someone quickly.

Red Flags

When you are starting to date someone, have a look at their behavior and their habits. 

Red flags are something that indicates a lack of interest and respect in a mutual relationship. 

Here are some common red flags:

Ana Lefebvre from Love & Lust, (a Relationship Podcast) talks about Red Flags in a Relationship

Here are some common red flags in a relationship:

They never label the relationship.

One of the biggest deal-breakers or red flag in a relationship is that your partner is reluctant or hesitant to label the relationship even after being with you for quite some time. If you want something more, you should communicate this and get a clear understanding and definition of the relationship. It is better to have a comprehensive conversation regarding this matter, than to wait and see what the other person is wanting to do. 

When the partner is not willing to label the relationship, it may mean that they are not seeing you as a serious partner. Therefore, they may step out of the relationship and see someone else. To ensure that you are not massively emotionally invested in this relationship for no reason, you should discuss this matter with your partner to receive a clear understanding. If your partner does not want to call you the title that you hope the relationship is heading towards, this might not be the relationship for you. 

Please remember that you can not change someone. If they are saying that they do not want anything, you have to respect their choice and accept their answer. You have to decide if you are going to move along or be happy with your current relationship state. 

Not social media official even after months.

This is the time of digitization, especially with Millennials and Generation X. A lot of people use it to keep up with others or to share about their lives through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you are with someone for a couple of months and are still not a part of their social media, you might want to ask why, especially if they are an avid user.

It is a major red flag that they do not want you to be on their social media account(s) because it technically means that they do not want their acquaintances or friends to know about the relationship that they have with you. One of the reasons for this can be that your partner does not want to have a long-term commitment relationship with you, or they are unsure about being in a relationship with you. The feelings are most likely, one-sided and the relationship will not be going anywhere. 

If this does bother you, then ask. Communication is the only thing that will solve this red flag. If they still do not want to show you on their social media account(s), then you should re-evaluate the relationship. 

Couple Texting Red Flag

Image by yaulink4u from Pixabay

Keeping secrets.

If your partner is keeping secrets, there is something wrong and this is a huge red flag. Being together in a relationship and keeping secrets is a big deal breaker. It can cause stress, paranoia and break trust that you may never regain.

Compromise is not something they want to do.

Every relationship requires effort. Both of you wouldn’t need to compromise each time something comes up, but if you feel that your partner is unwilling to compromise, is that even a relationship? If your partner wants you to make all the effort and compromise, maybe you should think again if you want this to be a long-term relationship. 

This kind of relationship, where only one partner is expected to do all the effort and compromise is not a fluid relationship. You should definitely get out of a relationship where the respect and the efforts are not mutual and the other person is not willing to compromise. 

You have to ask yourself if you are okay with a one-sided relationship.

Their friends or family do not like you.

One other major red flag is that his friends do not like you. Just remember that his friends and family do not know you personally. In fact, they know you because of your partner. When your partner’s friends or family do not like you, then question how you are portrayed to them. The negative vibe may stem from the fact that your partner does not think of this relationship as a long-term relationship. 

This division between you and his family will definitely impact the relationship negatively and cause a deep strain. Think of the holidays (if you only see your significant other’s family on holidays), future children, etc and how that negativity will impact your life. 

Cannot match your sex drive. 

The next most important point is that your partner can not match your sex drive. Your partner or yourself may have a high sex drive or does not want to have sex at all. One major aspect to consider when being in a relationship is that both sides should have a similar thought process regarding intimacy and sex. 

You would feel, in very little time, that only one of the partners is initiating sex and the other one does not feel the same about sex or have the same definition of the importance of sex in a relationship. 

Pushing physical boundaries.

Do you have a boundary already set regarding physical intimacy? Does your partner know about that but still tries to push it a little bit more? Does he constantly try to hug you or give you a shoulder rub? Do you sometimes feel awkward when he is a little too intimate with you? Well, that is a major red flag that he is trying to push the boundaries with the little innocent ways that he or she may have. This can be really dangerous in just a few months and can cause a lot of emotional distress for you.

Being in a relationship can be tough and for the most part, will always require a lot of work. We are not perfect, by nature, but always keep hope that you will find someone who is not only the perfect match for you, but also wants to respect you with all their heart and soul. 

Do not try to make a relationship work if you find massive red flags or deal breakers. Do not end the relationship without communicating these issues, since it could possibly just be miscommunication. Once you know that you are not compatible with this person, it is better to end the relationship rather than trying to force something that will not work. 

"This book is a breath of fresh air that puts the focus back where it belongs. On you!"
What is an F Boy

What Is a F* Boy?

After talking to a friend about the actual meaning of a fuckboy, I decided to write an article about it. They are the most manipulative creatures to “date” and are sometimes hard to spot, at first. Have you experienced a f boy?

10 Best Bras on Amazon

The 10 Best Bras on Amazon

10 Best Bras on Amazon
Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

The bra is a cultural essential accessory for all women to have. Bras are supposed to enhance your posture and provide appropriate support.

We looked for the best everyday bra options and have compiled the 10 best bras on Amazon. 

Below we have compiled some of the top quality bra options that you will easily find on Amazon. Not only are they affordable, but also long-lasting and of top quality as well. Take a look at these incredibly great and super pretty bra options and fill your cart with the most incredible choices.

  1. Calvin Klein seamless hybrid bra

Calvin Klein is a great brand that is known for having high quality items; such as bras, sportswear, and menswear. If you are planning to purchase a bra that has good quality and will go under anything, check out the Calvin Klein seamless bra option. This one is not only seamless, but also a hybrid bra that offers you maximum support. 

Bra Review: “I have been a huge fan of Calvin Klein attire for many years now and decided to expand my shopping experience to undergarments. So, I decided to purchase the Seamless Hybrid Bra for my oldest pre-teen. She is extremely happy with the comfort, fits as expected, and provides nice support without being too tight around the chest. The bras wash well on delicate cycle and air dry (the shape of the cup still looks and fits brand new after three months of purchase). Would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!” –Molang

2. Calvin Klein modern cotton triangle bralette

Every lingerie collection should have a cute bralette. This one has a no-closure and is easy to wash. It is an excellent option that is easily flexible and it also has breathable material that offers maximum comfort. This top quality bra option is great for everyday use.

Bra Review: “This bralette by calvin klein is so flattering, which is a huge bonus. I just got my chest pierced and have been browsing amazon for a comfortable, mostly cotton bralette. I finally found this bralette and waited the extra days because it was out of stock and BOY was it worth it! The bra has removable pads and just enough stretch to conform to your boobs and back. I can’t get over how comfortable it is too! I can wear it all day and not be bothered. I’m traditionally a 34D so I ordered the Large and it fits great! Definitely recommend.” -B

3. Calvin Klein women’s perfectly fit T-shirt bra

Are you looking for a top quality T-shirt bra? Calvin Klein has it in its collection too. You will find this high-quality memory foam T-shirt product is stunning and it looks super pretty. Besides that, it is super comfortable as well and available in different colors. There is a hook closure available, and you can also wash it in the washing machine. 

Bra Review: “I’m an adult with a small chest and I love this bra! Very comfortable, washes well and straps stay up.” –Debbie G.

4. Victoria’s Secret push-up bra

Victoria’s Secret push-up bra is another one of the best quality options to consider. It is available in various sizes and colors that will provide you a better idea regarding what you need and which one is the best in terms of design and color” of the design and color. This one is a durable option that is classic and also easily adjustable. The Victoria’s Secret bra option is a long-lasting bra that is one of the top and the most selling bra options.

Amazon Bra Review: “Although a bit expensive, I love these bras I have been wearing them for years. They last for ages, fit well, and are not itchy. They are made really well out of good fabric.” -D K.

5. Maidenform women’s push-up bra

This is the kind of push-up bra that is properly underwired. This is not only super comfortable but also long-lasting. The underwire push-up bra offers you better support. There is an excellent design that makes it look even better. However, you might need to hand wash it rather than putting it in the machine. Also, make sure that you check the size as well. Besides that, the silky soft fabric is the best highlight regarding this excellent quality push-up bra.

6.Bali women’s comfort shaping underwire bra

This underwire bra is made from polyurethane material and has an excellent lining. The classic lining and the incredible comfort makes it one of the best choices to consider. It is a slimmer bra that makes you look a lot better. If you are a bit conscious about how you look, it is better to get this minimizer to push up the bra that makes you look a lot slimmer and provides much better support.

7. Vanity Fair women’s coverage close bra

The Vanity women’s full-coverage bra is something that most women need for everyday use. There are several different colors available in the series. Along with that, there is a full closure making it one of the best and the full coverage bra for women.

8. Vanity beauty back smoothing minimizer bra.

Most women want a minimizer bra to feel a bit more confident. Well, in that case, getting this minimizer bra by Vanity is the best choice. There are a few neutral colors available in the series; including black, beige, white, and more. You can convert it into different options, and it also reduces the bust line by up to one and a half inches. It is a great quality option that is made from a stretchable material and will ensure comfort.

9. Fruit of the Loom cotton stretch bra

We have another option that is super comfortable. This is another cotton bra that offers the best comfort. Although it requires hand wash, it is a seamless contour bra making you feel comfortable and giving you full coverage. There are adjustable shoulder straps available, along with the eye closure and hook closure available. You will feel a lot better and more comfortable in this high-quality bra option that offers you just the right coverage that you need.

10. Puma women sports bra

Most women find a sports bra as an essential addition to their closet. Having a sports bra is a worthy investment. You must make sure that you are investing in a good quality bra option so that you are getting the ultimate best comfort. This one is a pull-on closure bra with easy adjustability, and also it is a moisture-wicking material. Although there is no hook closure available, it is a pull-on closure bra option that offers wire-free comfort.

Overall, these 10 best bra options on Amazon are definitely worth considering. Not only are these high-quality options but also long-lasting and highly affordable. Most people are happy with these top-quality bra choices. Why don’t you try them out and choose the best option available? You will find most of the bras in your size as well.

How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

How to gain muscle without gaining fat

So you want to gain muscle without gaining fat, so do I.

Let’s be honest, I want to grow glutes while slimming my core area.

It seems like one of the hardest things to accomplish depending on your body type. Please remember that everyone’s body is different and will react to different foods and workout plans accordingly. Always consult a physician first.

I consulted my physician and personal trainer, Brandon Williams on how to accomplish this during my workout. 

This is what he gave me. It is an at home workout plan that anyone can do. 

“Here is your workout plan for growing a tone back (Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Minor and Major, Rhomboid, Erector Spinae, and Trapezius) working out the hip area of your Butt (Gluteus Minimus, Medius, and Maximus). This workout will consists of working both areas with an alternating focus between the different muscles sets. For example, Monday, you will focus on Back with a minor focus on Glutes. They will be performed in intervals with a 30-second rest in between sets. So, here we GO!! The first two rows will be your warmup. This will go for a quick 30–45-minute workout!” -Brandon

Ana Lefebvre workout plan

If you cannot complete the full repetition? Then, complete half of each set’s Repetition. 

Here We GO!!!! Take this task workout for 3 weeks!! I will have another 3-week workout plan for you in the second Week!! 

P.S.- Drink the weight gain flavor AFTER your workout. Or a protein drink.

Brandon Williams is the Founder of Athletic Creative Fitness  located in 

About A.C.F.

Here at Athletic Creative Fitness; you can manage your goals of active, healthy and always being photoshoot ready. You will be respected here and we will also help you break down the steps of overcoming your obstacles. Why? How? Oh, I can miss today. Do I really want this? I am not ready. I look ugly! Or perhaps the biggest question when embarking on a fitness journey… Am I even confident enough to workout at a public place because of how I feel about my body?

Click to Read More

Brandon Williams
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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Getting a gift for dad can be a little difficult. When you are planning your Father’s Day Gift, try to research what he may like. Traditional Father’s Day Gifts are cool, but why don’t you try to be a little creative. This Father’s Day, why don’t you try out something different that will also spark his interest. Choose quality Father’s Day gift options that will not only make him happy but also make him feel a special.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift, don’t worry we have the perfect Father’s Day Gift guide below.

How to figure out a decent Father’s Day Gift:

  • Start exploring what your father (or the father in your life) loves and enjoys. If it is the kind of activity that require a gadget, why don’t you look for that particular gadget ?
  • If you feel that he’s been wanting to change his phone for a very long time, maybe you could buy him something expensive and surprise him with a new phone.
  • Most fathers are tech-savvy and want to explore new gadgets every time. Well, why don’t you get him new speakers or EarPods for him to explore?
  • Comfy clothing is one thing that dads would definitely enjoy having. Getting him something comfortable would make him feel a lot more protected and warmer.
  • Think about the things according to his perspective. Look for the objects that he enjoys having. If he enjoys traveling, why don’t you book him a ticket for a tour where he can de-stress himself. Or you can get him some antique and vintage objects if he enjoys collecting vintage products.

Also, sometimes he does not really need any monetary help or any materialistic gift. Sometimes he wants you to have a little chat with you where he can tell you how proud he is of you. Give him that, it will be the greatest gift for him.

Still wondering what the best Father’s Day Gift is?

Well, don’t you worry because we have a few of the options for you?

Retro flip clock

Trust me, fathers love Retro clocks. This one can be the ideal gift for him to place on his nightstand, or he can keep it on his desk. Rather than checking the screen for the time, he can always check the time on the super bougie and classy retro clock.

Wireless meat thermometer

A wireless thermometer is great for anyone that enjoys cooking. It will keep his steaks perfectly cooked to his satisfaction. 

Beer cooler

If camping and traveling is something that the dad in your life likes, gift him this cooler so he can take it along while traveling. Get him this durable and high-quality beer cooler that will attract him a bit more towards traveling or enjoying his time at the beach. Tell him that it’s time to relax and he can take a few days off and enjoy the best time. 

Fire grill for cooking steaks

Again, if your father (or dad in your life) loves to cook, get him this fire grill for cooking steaks or vegetables. It will be a fun activity that he enjoys doing and also family friendly. 

Massage gun

Does he often tell you that he is feeling aches and pains in his body? Do you want him to feel relaxed and a little bit more comfortable? Get him the massage gun that has the heat option as well. It will be the perfect gift that your father will enjoy. It has great reviews and is widely used among athletes. 

Temperature control ceramic mug

Does the dad in your life enjoying tea and coffee? Do you see him reheating already making the coffee again and again if the temperature cools down? Well, in that case, why don’t you get him this temperature control ceramic mug? This is the perfect Father’s Day gift. This ceramic mug has temperature control properties and will always keep the tea or the coffee warm. It will not require you to heat your tea and coffee after every few minutes.

A good quality shaving kit

Nothing can beat a good quality premium shaving kit. It is a classic gift that never goes wrong. If you are planning to get something for your father, why don’t you get him a shaving kit of premium quality and a little bit extravagance? You can find hundreds of best-quality shaving kits on Amazon and various other websites. Get a premium quality shaving kit that your father enjoys using.


Is your father a fitness enthusiast? Do you want your father to stay fit and regulate his running and keep a look at his heartbeat and other integrals? Well, getting him a fitness smartwatch will definitely be a great gift for him. Get him a high-quality fitness smartwatch that can regulate his sleep pattern and track his steps and gallery count as well.   

These are some of those gifts that are amazing options that you can get for your father. It is important that you evaluate which might be his preference. Once you understand what he wants, it will not be difficult to find the appropriate gift for him. Just make sure that you are getting him something worthy and not just any gift. Buying your father an excellent Father’s Day gift could really brighten his Father’s Day.

Guying texting

How To Text A Girl: Dating 101

Guying texting

I was talking to a friend about a guy who had succeeded in receiving my number, but failed on successfully communicating with me. Whenever we talked or saw each other, it was a great time and we were clearly both interested in each other. What he failed at was communication, which puzzled me since he communicated for a living. After listening to my rant, she goes, “oh he just doesn’t know how to communicate with girls”.

Then it clicked. People know how to communicate. We do it all the time, but when it comes to someone that we have interest in, our emotions get in the way of communicating.

75% of millennials would rather text than talk, but we were never taught how to use this form of communication, since it was never done before.

Here is how to text a girl: Dating 101

How to approach a woman and ask her for her number:

I want to start at the very beginning of approaching a woman, the old fashion way. Say you are in a bar, lounge or such. Approach her and start a conversation. After you have a rapport with her, ask her for her number.  What should the rapport be? Talk about something that creates an interest in her, for you. When you are approaching a woman and asking her for her number, you are basically selling yourself and why you would be a good fit in her life. After you create interest, ask for the number. If she is hesitant, do not get discouraged, remember an hour ago, she didn’t know who you were.

woman receiving a text

When exchanging numbers, make sure you receive hers and then also have her put her name in your phone. This will allow for no mistakes when trying to reach back out. The most important thing, is when you walk away, send a cute and short text to her about how nice it was to meet her and something that insinuates that you do want to see her in the future. If you are bad with names, screen shot her name. This will help you remember.


How to ask a girl for her number from a dating site:

text messages

If you are on a dating site, it should be easier to know someone’s interest because they are on the site to usually “date”. Once again, do not jump the gun, but also do not take too long as it may look like you are prolonging the process to weigh your options. That is dangerous, especially if you are actually interested in the person. Build the rapport that I was mentioning earlier and then once you have built a common interest ask for the number and to take her out. If, you are hesitant to ask for her number, ask her out and then the day of, ask for her number and state something to her like, “in case the area does not have wifi”.

After the date, text her in regard to thanking her for coming out and something about the evening. You want to be memorable and also stand out, so be memorable and stand out when texting, communicating with her.

How to text a girl off of social media:

First you have to get the number, right? This can be hard. Watch the video above about getting the number from a social media site. Social media is sometimes used as a dating app, but for some it is a way to communicate with friends or sell products. You have to know who you are talking to. Once again, do not ask for the number too early. If you have a private account, take into account for that. Also, cater to the person you are talking to. Getting a phone number off of social media may take much longer, because the purpose is not concrete like a dating app or in person. 

One of the biggest fails I have seen with guys trying to get my number off of social media is doing too much too soon. Not letting it organically happen. Not trying to communicate and learn who I am because they are assuming off of posts and pressuring me. 

How to text a girl once you receive her number off of social media:

Now this is different because, now that you have her number, what is the difference between you texting and direct messaging? You need to create a difference. At the end of the day, if you are not meant to be, you can still be acquaintances or friends if you communicate properly. 

Be different and do something different than what you were doing the dms.

How to text a girl if you feel like she is losing interest:

Girl receiving a text

This is actually quite easy. Go right back to what you were doing in the beginning and repeat it. Too often people get comfortable in relationships and forget to do the things that they were doing in the beginning of the relationship. This is not good at all. You want her to smile when she reads your texts. You want to remember your goal of the relationship with her. Asking her about her day and learning about her life is important. You also want to share. 

Not everyone is a text communicator. If you feel like she is losing interest through texts, ask her preference on communicating. 

Meet up with her. If it is not a long distance relationship, then ask her out on a date to keep the chemistry going and to build on it.

Here is how to text girls to meet up with you:

Make her feel comfortable and safe by not applying pressure. Ask her out directly by supplying the place and time, but do not be overbearing. 

How to text a girl

Do not do too much too soon. 

You want her to smile when you text her and it is easy, keep it positive. If she asks you about your day, text her a positive thing about your day. When you are beginning to text, you are learning her texting style and social cues. Do not move or assume too much too fast. 

The phone calls and text messages from guys are the ones that do not leave me feeling peaceful when the call ends. 

You don’t have to type in complete sentences, but watch your spelling and grammar. No need to use grammarly, or maybe you should. During your initial stages, you are trying to leave a great impression. Do that by making sure your text messages sound intelligent. 

Use emojis to help create context behind the sentence. 

Do not rush into marriage mode too fast. 

How to text when you have nothing to text about:

People, in general, love to talk about themselves. You can ask her about her job or siblings. Ask her about her accomplishments or proudest moments. Tell her about a movie you just watched and ask her if she has seen it. “If you ask about her favorite movie and if you haven’t seen it, make an effort to see it.” Make jokes. Being funny goes a long way.

When texting a girl, when do I ask her out?

Once you have built comradely with her, you also want her to be curious about who you are. Light conversations through text and real conversations in person, if this not a long distance relationship. 

If you are the one that approached her, you should be the one asking her out. Do not take too long to ask her out, because it looks like you maybe weighing your options, especially if you received her number over a social media site.

How to not text a girl:

  1. Do not be hot and cold.
  2. Do not play games with the texting reply times. This little game has been exposed. Too many times people are hot in the beginning and the pull back. It leaves the other person to wonder why they are pulling back and their assumption is not always true. 

You do not need to text all day, but when you do, make sure there is substance to it and that you text her back quickly. 

I have seen so much bad advice about making her wait. If you make certain women wait, you will be waiting for the rest of times. Certain women do not play games, and honestly those are the ones that are more solid because their confidence is much higher that the ones that are doubtful. 

Double texting is not a bad thing depending on the situation. You have to cater to the person and situation. Individualize your communication and stop with the cookie-cutter dating. 

I have friends that are single mothers and sometimes their kids have their phones.

I have friends that work 12 hour days and the last thing they want is to be pressured at the end of the day. 

3. Do no be overbearing. Remember, she doesn’t owe you anything. You approached her. Be patient, but also persistent without being needy. You want to be a part of her life, not her whole life. 

How to text a girl recap: 

  1. Get her number by applying the principles directed above.
  2. Create a bond by learning who she is and figuring out what you two have in common. 
  3. Make her curious about you through texting. 
  4. Do not be desperate.
  5. Be positive in text and leave the real conversation to when you meet up with her. 
  6. Watch your grammar and spelling.
  7. Do not play games through text
  8. Make your intentions known.
  9. Do not wait too long to ask her out.
What is Cinco De Mayo

What is Cinco De Mayo & Where to Celebrate

What is Cinco De Mayo

Los Angeles, CA

Do you know what Cinco De Mayo is?


You might have heard about it but do you ever wonder what it is? Cinco De Mayo which is commonly known as the “5th May” is a holiday that is celebrated in Mexico and many other parts of the United States. This is the Mexican Army victory date. The victory was over France during the Battle of Puebla. 

People remember this day because of the Franco-Mexican war, and it is a holiday that is celebrated with great pride. Even though it is not a significant Mexican holiday, the United States Cinco De Mayo celebration has more cultural importance and significance. In most areas of the US, where there is a significant Mexican population, it is celebrated with zeal and interest. Cinco De Mayo celebrated to showcase the victory of a single battle held by the Mexican army in 1862 with France. In 1862, the Mexican Army, considered the underdog before it finally defeated France when it tried to occupy the United States. The French were led by Napoleon III; however, the United States was preoccupied because of the civil war. But as soon as the French approached Mexico, the war happened in 1862, and the French Army ended up defeated. This victory was a symbolic victory for the underdog Mexican government. Now it is widely accepted all over the United States and celebrated to showcase Mexican culture and heritage.

Do people celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Mexico?

Even though it is a Mexican holiday, it is not a big deal in Mexico. People celebrate it with more zeal and interest all over the United States. From 1960 to 1970, this day became even more significant because Mexican American activists started a campaign in California. This holiday is still celebrated in some parts of Mexico and majorly in the United States. Parades take place, and the enactment of the battle between French and Mexican is also done in the remembrance of the war.


What should you do if you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo in America?

There is nothing significant that you need to take care of when planning to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Canada or Mexico. But it is the day where you can enjoy and remember Mexican history and the Mexican war with the French. You can also celebrate this day to celebrate the heritage of Mexico. But besides that, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of. It is always better to visit an institute for Mexican culture. There you will gain understanding and learn about the rich and diverse history of Mexico. It is the perfect and ideal activity you can do while you are in Mexico or the United States while celebrating Cinco De Mayo or the fifth of May. You can also enjoy loads of authentic Mexican food. Although enjoying authentic Mexican food is not only bound for the day of Cinco de Mayo, but you can still enjoy the day with your Mexican friends and have authentic Mexican spicy food for the day. Wearing a fake mustache is a big no. Rather than opting for the fake outfits, you can enjoy the parade that is happening, or in some parts, you will also notice that there is a re-enactment of the battle that you can enjoy.

Some things to know about Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is not Independence Day for Mexico. Keep in mind that people have this misconception that Cinco De Mayo is the Independence day of Mexico. However, that is not true. The Mexican Independence Day is September 16th, and it became emancipated about 50 years prior during the War of  1810.

The Mexican Army had this unexpected win.

It was never anticipated that the Mexican Army could defeat the French Army. However, The Mexican Army finally defeated the French Army with only the manpower of 2000 soldiers, which was incredible. On the contrary, the French Army contained 6000 soldiers, three times more than the max can Army.


5th may is to celebrate military

Besides anything else, Cinco De Mayo is the day to celebrate the military and Army of Mexico. Even though now people celebrate it with food, drinks, and parties but usually for the Mexican people, it is a slightly different approach. In the USA, people celebrate it as a holiday where they can celebrate Mexican Heritage, whereas in Mexico it is celebrated as the day they can celebrate the military and the unexpected yet victorious success.

In Mexico, schools are closed on 5th May.

Even though in Mexico, the 5th of May is not celebrated as a big deal but the schools are still closed, and it is still considered a public holiday. Compared to how it is commemorated in the United States, the hype is a lot less in Mexico.

The United States celebrate it with more enthusiasm

Even though it is a regional holiday in Mexico, the United States rendition of Cinco De Mayo celebrations happen all over the United States with around 400,000 people celebrating and attending the festivities. The parades and carnivals happen alongside various other activities such as taco eating competition and revelers enjoy authentic Mexican Cuisine.



Where to Celebrate in Los Angeles



APPLEBEE’S:$5 Margaritas


AZULE TAQUEIRA:  Located at 1315 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica.


BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO.: $5 and $6 Frozen Margaritas.  Locations in Anaheim, Hollywood, Long Beach, Monterey, San Francisco and Santa Monica.


CATALINA ISLAND MUSEUM: The museum is at 217 Metropole Ave., Avalon.


CHICAS TACOS:  Music & Food Foods Market, 225 Lincoln Blvd., Venice.

Ana’s Favorite

CHRONIC TACOS:  Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange counties.



FUEGO: Located at 700 Queensway Drive, Long Beach.


SOLITA TACOS7631 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach and 24201 Valencia Valencia.