What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

Taking a break in a relationship can be beneficial for both partners. It’s a chance to step away and reassess the relationship to determine if it’s worth saving or if it’s time to move on. Despite the potential positives of a break, research shows that they can also be detrimental to relationships, depending on how they are handled.

Best Perfumes for Women in 2023


Best Perfumes for Women in 2023
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

The final touch to any outfit should be a scent or perfume. We prefer perfume because of its longevity. 

Woman's perfume

Whether you are in the market for a new perfume, the perfect perfume gift, or wanting to select the  perfect scent for 2023,

here are 34 of the best perfumes for women in 2023 to help your perfume hunt. 


Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum


Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum


Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce and Gabbana is an extremely popular perfume is defiantly a fan favorite. It is classic and timeless.


 Gucci Guilty Black Eau de Toilette


Chanel Eau Tendre

This is definitely My Unbounded Life’s Editor favorite perfume. Amazing for valentines day or other holidays. 


Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose


Silent St. by Derek Lam


Phlur – Fine Fragrance – Eau de Parfum


 Versace Crystal Noir


Shiseido Energizing


Versace Yellow Diamond


Victoria Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Victoria Secret is a popular valentines day option. 


Creed Love in Black Perfume


Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme


Bath and Body Works Malibu Heat

Bath and Body Works is a popular valentines day option. 


Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Dream Women’s Perfume


Paris Hilton Can Can


Paris Hilton Can Can

Paris Hilton has definitely came out with some affordable perfumes that have become a fan favorite in the perfume aisle. 


Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture


YSL Black Opium


Lady Vengeance Juliette has a Gun


Kiehls Musk Oil


Versace Bright Crystal


Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue


Gucci Premiere


Gucci Bloom


Jimmy Choo Fever


Armaf Vanity Femme


Clinique Happy Heart


Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune


Bvlgari Omnia Coral


Chanel Mademoiselle


Paco Rabanne Lady Million


Chanel No. 5

*Note that this is not Chanel No. 5, but a highly rated “impression” of the perfume. 

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Alone for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays or Alone for the Holidays?

Ana Lefebvre
I crossed my eyes out because that was the old me. The one with no self esteem and self worth.

How to be alone for the holidays.

Oh, it is the Holiday season, again. It happens every year, but somehow a good percentage of us that celebrate the holidays are not ready, sometimes year after year.

I’ll take you back several years in my life. November 25th, like clockwork, the Christmas tree was up, and outside lights were lit (neighborhood competition). Christmas presents were already bought (I had at least 20 people on my list) and I had already started purchasing all of the dried products for Christmas Day’s menu if I was staying in town.

If I was staying in town, I was cooking Christmas Eve lasagna. It would take all day because I made the sauce from scratch (I am originally from New Jersey). I would start Christmas Dinner preparation on the 23rd and on the 25th I would host breakfast and dinner. On one of my last carnivorous Christmas, everyone had their own Cornish hen.

My dog would have a costume and cookies would be made and on standby. Spiked eggnog and Apple Cider along with 5 different alcohols were always available. If you wanted to eat and drink, you would come to my house. 

That was several years ago. 

Fast forward to today…I haven’t trimmed the Christmas tree in years. I haven’t cooked Christmas dinner in years. Looking back I thought my life would be completely different on all Holidays going forward. Oh, they are different alright.

Full transparency, in 2019 I was making happy videos on Instagram and wishing everyone Happy Holidays, but I didn’t get out of bed. I had to plan Christmas parties for other people, but I did not get out of bed. I flew to another state to run away from my shattered life, but I didn’t get out of bed. After that year I knew I had to change my narrative, so I did.

Here’s how to go forward when you are alone for the Holidays. I don’t mean that you are completely alone, I mean alone romantically.

1. Who gives a F, you were alone for at least part of the year. Don’t make a big deal of it now

Think about the money that you are saving on gifts and just spend it on yourself. You can probably give yourself a better gift than anyone else can. If you want to give, give to charity. Donate to a foundation. Bless someone. Give. 

2. Start a new tradition

Do you have the holidays off? Do things you couldn’t do if you were in a relationship. Productive things. Go to a spa on Christmas eve. Start a Christmas tradition with your family and friends. If you are seriously pining keep productively busy. Get yourself ready for the New Year. Plan the trip you always wanted to take. Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself? It is seriously empowering.

3. Take a vacation

If you want to get away, get away if you can. Prices will be cheaper in certain destinations because it is the Holidays. If you can’t get away or can’t afford to order your favorite food, watch your favorite movie, or take a bath. Relax. Hopefully, your home is so peaceful that you can take a mini vacation in it. It will be okay. 

4. Surround yourself with family and/or friends.

If you have them. I live away from my family now, so I had to come to a place where I had to be accepting and happy to be alone for the holidays. Ignoring the holidays does not help but instead being happy within yourself. I take a small piece of something I would traditionally do and implement it. 

5. Be happy that you are alive

Waking up thankful will help your mental health immensely. It really is just a holiday even if it is a magical one. Make your own magic. You really have to find what makes you happy and focus on that. It is just another day, respectfully. 

If you are really serious about not spending another holiday alone read these articles next.

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8 ways to drive women wild

8 Ways To Drive Women Wild

ways to drive women wild

I’m writing this because I recently read a really stupid article from a “dating coach” for men that had some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen written under this topic. For starters, the article and site, which I will leave unnamed (the article is titled “Ways to make women absolutely wild”) started off by saying to show up to her home or place of work unannounced. So they are telling men to participate in actual stalking? If you show up unannounced to either of those places of mine, I would be weirded out and annoyed. There’s a difference between a surprise, being inconsiderate, or creepy. Sending flowers unannounced, food, etc to an address you were given is something completely different. The article also mentioned to wait days after a date to contact her.

“The last person that did that to me (waiting days to contact me after a date) ended up losing me to a man that wasn’t playing about me. The date ended and the next night we ended up on another date.” -Ana

Here are 8 ways to drive women wild

  1. Surprise her with thoughtfulness. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it could be something as simple as getting her a book. Flowers or lunch sent to her job (if you have her permission), take her car to get washed, oil change, etc. Do not show up announced, especially if you are not an item. I personally would prefer to know in advance (doesn’t have to be alot of time in advance, but a considerate about of time)  just to make sure I can plan time to spend with you versus a random visit where I have to fit you into my schedule 

2. Mix up your way of communication.  If you guys mostly text, call her to say good morning. Leave a voicemail. Send videos on social media. I don’t know about y’all, but I am grown. If I want to talk to you I will. I know there’s usually a nervous/ sticky period of time where you don’t know if you should contact someone a certain way, but the way to get over that introductory phase is to push past it by doing new things like calling or texting several times a day. It really depends on the type of relationship you want with her.

Do not use this information for evil.

If you want a traditional relationship where you are the “leader”, then make sure initially you are doing most of the out-reach. Once you both become more comfortable in the relationship, the dynamics of who is contacting who first will definitely mature and change. If it doesn’t you might want to re-evaluate your “relationship”. Also, make sure you are giving it time to mature.

things guys do that girls love

3. Learn how she communicates and communicate. Be consistent with it. Explain your day and ask her about hers. 

4. When you ask her what she wants to eat, and if she answers “I don’t know” have a couple of suggestions ready. Sometimes she knows what she wants to eat, but she doesn’t want to suggest something that you won’t enjoy. Having options prepared shows how you are in charge. Listen I don’t know why “we” do this. It is obnoxiously annoying, but whatever. 

5. If you see someone you are interested in public, do not come off slimy by saying a clichè line. Sincere PG compliments are okay. Corny comments or compliments can be okay too, just have discernment and realize that this is your first impression. Don’t give her your phone number and expect a call, especially if you were interested first. Just because you are interested in her, doesn’t mean that she is or has to be interested in you. If you are approaching her, keep that same energy and call her. Text her, because who are you at this point? You need to show her.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting a Lady

You should really treat the woman that you are interested in like she is the number #1 woman in the entire world and that you are lucky to have a morsel of attention. This has nothing to do with not believing that you are amazing too, just traditionally the man pursues the woman. Do not let these new-wave/red-pill generational dating rules affect your dating life if you are into traditional relationships.

6. When being intimate learn her body. That takes bedroom communication skills. Learn her favorite positions and be generous. Watch this video for tips-

7. If you had a great date together let her know that night. Text her and follow up with her that night. Be chivalrous and make sure she got home safely. Do not wait days to tell her that you had a great time and that you would like to see her. At this point you both really owe each other nothing. She could have other prospects. 

8. Keep you intentions clear. Don’t lead her on. Don’t be hot and cold. Skip the pull back stage that men are notorious for. If you want a grown @$$ relationship, then act like a grown up.

Ana Lefebvre What Girls find Attractive in Guys
Author/ Relationship Guru Ana Lefebvre

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10 things guys do that women love

10 Things Guys Do That Women Love

Read below and see if you agree that these are some of the top things guys do that women love.

Now every female is different, but according to social media, these are the most popular things that guys do that women love.

1. The one-handed steering wheel turn

 It is something about controlling something with one hand that is a huge turn-on. I think it just shows power, control, and confidence.

2. Randomly bringing food 

Whether it is a simple snack or an entire meal, it is the thought that counts, but make sure it is something she eats, otherwise, it may backfire. Food is a love language for a lot of people. 

3. Loaning clothing

Or giving… If you want to get her to constantly remember you, loan her a jacket/hoodie/shirt, etc. It’s something about wearing your man’s clothing.

4. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

This traditional gesture was actually started to protect women from dust/debris/horse and carriage splashes. Now it is seen more as a sign of dominance.

5. Not being ashamed of PDA in public

I’m not saying to have a full-blown make-out session, but not being ashamed to show affection in the public solidifies the relationship as being a relationship.

6. Picking a romance movie

Stereotypically, romance movies are geared towards and are for “females”, picking something outside of your usual norm shows that you are willing to have a relationship to where there is give and take.

7. Random eye contact and smiles

It’s the assurance and the private moment together to where you feel like the most important person in the world.

8. Texts mentioning him thinking of her

Once again it’s the assurance of letting her know that the day will not go by without you thinking about her.

9. Holding Hands

Holding hands is a form of intimacy. A form of non-verbal communication. Studies have shown that holding hands can be a huge stress reliever and also give a sense of security. 

Read: Sex vs Intimacy and the Difference Between the Two

10. Referring to her as “his woman”

Once again securing her placement in her life. Yes “my woman” can go a couple of ways and of course the discussion of the relationship status should occur, but once again that primitive dominance is a turn-on.

sex clubs

Going to a Sex Club

sex clubs

Love & Lust the Podcast Episode 48- What going to a sex club is actually like. 

Love & Lust is a podcast about sex and relationships. For the full interview about sex clubs, please click the links above. Read the interview by Ana Lefebvre below. 

Ana- What is a sex club?


This is coming from a person who has never experienced a sex club in my life. This is purely for the beginners out there, my initial impression- it’s really intimidating. You don’t know really what to expect, but it’s really just a liberating free-for-all place as far as like, what can be done, what you can do, what you can explore, exhibitionism, dungeons, playroom …anything.


Ana- Can you go by yourself or do you have to go with people?


In the one primarily here, it is really just for couples. They do their pricing that way, so it’s cheaper for a couple to go in. If you’re a single woman, you can go in, and it’s like $20, but if youre a single man, it’s like $200, and then it’s really just a place where swingers can go ahead and explore other body types or other types of different people you wouldn’t naturally see in your own life.


Ana- If you are single and you’re going by yourself, is there an opportunity to meet up with other people?

There’s an opportunity to meet new people in a sex club as a single woman that I saw, but if youre a single man, they do like a 10 to 1 ratio- so for every 10 couples that go in, one single male can go in. It is more crowded with females. 


Ana- How do you find a sex club?

I found it through word of mouth, but if youre on FetLife or anything like that, those are really the people that are in the know. 


Ana- Did you have to sign up for different “play” rooms in the sex club you attended?

No. You can utilize any of the rooms that are there on the premises. They have a hotel room that you can stay in. They have different sex-themed rooms in the sex club and people will go directly just for those rooms, but anyways, going into it as a person that never really understood what Kinks I liked, I didn’t know which room to go to. In the dungeon, you just walked in and it’s not really like anybody’s regulating it. You just kind of going in, you’re observing and then you can jump in. It’s not like you have to sign up or anything like that. You just start partaking. 


Ana- Are there people that walk around that are a part of the club that watch and make sure that everything is going according to the agreement of the, I am going to call them players of, the players in the club.


Yes, so they do have employees. It’s really just one of the cleanest places, I’ve ever been to. They have clean towels for you, clean sheets for you all that stuff, to make sure that everything is as clean as possible.


Ana- How big was it? Ikea big or Chilis big?


It’s Ikea big. They have 130 rooms from what I remember and that’s just for people to stay on-premises. They have a nightclub. They have an outdoor area with a pool and jacuzzi and outdoor bars. 


Ana- Let’s talk about cell phones. What’s the rule with cell phones?


So you’re not supposed to have it on you. You’re not allowed to have your cell phone to take pictures and what happens there stays there because you have so many different people from all walks of life that come in there.


Ana- What about condoms?


You have to supply your own, definitely, if you are going to play with any other partners or whatever, definitely bring extra. They have lockers there to where you can go ahead and load up your ammo.


Ana- Do you have any advice for men and for women when they go to the sex club for the very first time.


I want to say, just be confident in what you have and what youre doing, because obviously, everybody’s going to be different sizes and have different capabilities. Women be confident! You are considered a queen in this environment. Explore. You never know what’s out there for you and what you may like.

To listen to the complete interview, please click here for Spotify  or here for youtube.


What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

What Science Says About Relationship Breaks: Are They Healthy?

Taking a break in a relationship can be beneficial for both partners. It’s a chance to step away and reassess the relationship to determine if it’s worth saving or if it’s time to move on. Despite the potential positives of a break, research shows that they can also be detrimental to relationships, depending on how they are handled.