Save Money on Beauty Products with these Innovative Tips

There seems to be a Beauty Product for everything now a days making the cost of Beauty Products quickly add up. If you are trying to stay pretty and keep Mr. Piggy full you must know how to be innovative. 

Here are 11 ways to Save Money on Beauty Products:

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1. Make your Mascara last longer

Mascara is one of the most frequently bought beauty item.

Hold on to it longer by sitting it in hot water to get the clumps out and then adding a couple of drops of Eye Drops to thin it out. The hot water trick works for  the dried clumps and the Eye Drops thins it out.

2. Save money on liquid foundation by applying with a brush instead of a sponge

Yes the sponges are trendy and an easy way to put on foundation, but fingers and brushes can work great as well. Sponges soak up liquids.

3. Prevent Compacts from Breaking

You put blush or powder foundation in your purse for re-application and when you go to retrieve it, it is broken and product is every where. To prevent compacts from breaking in your purse, put a cotton ball or round inside the compact. This will give it a cushion for the inevitable falls.

4. Make your own Body Scrub

Scrubs are nice, but you can make your own with brown sugar and honey. You can also get creative and add oils.

5. Don't buy items without looking over what you already have and being innovative

Use Eye Shadows as highlighters and eyeliners. Finish and pan items before purchasing another similar items. There will always be the new next thing, don’t get sucked into the hype. Use what you already have. 

11 Ways To Save Money on beauty products

6. Do your nails at home

If you are a Gel Nail person, there are plenty of great kits that will give you the salon results. A good UV light is around $25.oo and a polish set is around $20.00 too. This is the price of one nail session at a beauty salon.

Do your own pedicures at home too. If you miss the massages, go to a reflexology place. The massages last longer and are not expensive. 

7. Make your own makeup remover

Save money by not purchasing every single beauty item.


Here’s a great recipe:

how to make your own makeup remover

8. Make your own Clay Mask

Clay Mask Recipe

9. Use dupes

There are so many great dupes for expensive products. There are many Beauty Bloggers that will provide detailed reviews of High End Dupes.

Do your research and you will save tons.

10. Use all of the product before throwing out the contatiner

You will be surprise by how much product is wasted in containers. Use all of the product by cutting the container in half (if you can) or by taking the bottom out.

10. Don't purchase expensive Teeth Whitening Systems

Instead, use charcoal from a vitamin capsule or Oil Pull with Coconut oil.