The 2018 Beauty Trends are here! There are a lot of subtile changes from 2017. To help you figure it out, we put together a list.  

  1. It’s all about clear skin in 2018 Beauty. 

Clear Skin is easy for some and an effort for others. I do not have great skin and it can be very embarrassing.

Start by actually investing into your skin. Doesn’t always mean money. Invest time by switching products at the appropriate time and actually spending the time to clean your face.

Having a beauty regimen is important for consistently clear skin. There will be a lot of new products from new brands this year. 

Clear Start for Clean Face

A great system for acne prone skin

2. Dewy fresh natural skin is in.

Accomplish this by using a great tinted moisturizer. I have tried a bunch and this one is really great…not the cheapest though. There are great drug store options and you can also mix a foundation with a moisturizer. 

Jouer Tinted Moisturizer

Jouer Tinted Moisturizer is a great alternative to foundation

  1. Natural eye meaning, what looks natural on your face. Brown mascara is in.

    Beauty Trends for 2018

    Beauty Trends for 2018

  1. Lip liner… find a natural lip liner for your skin tone. Ditch the every day gloss. A lip liner and lip balm is in. If you can’t ditch the gloss, grab a natural colored gloss. I actually really like the ones from NYX. Yes, they do not last all day, but they are also inexpensive.
    NYX Lip liner

    Some of my current lip favorites for 2018 Beauty

  1. Bangs… foe bangs…real bangs…bangs are in! 
  1. A great strong brow.

I actually like these products from NYX. I have ditched the threading and now pluck in between waxing.

NYX Eyebrow

Beauty Trend 2018: Current Brow Favorites