1.Glossy Lids

This is one of the top trends of Fall 2018. Very easy to create: Eyeshadow and then Lip Gloss. Just Make sure the gloss isn’t too sticky. 

Glossy Lid for Fall 2018 Beauty

2. Glitter Eye Shadow

There’s a lot of emphasis on eye shadow and designs on the lid this season. 

Glitter Lids for Fall Beauty Trends

3. Glossy Lips

More gloss, less matts is definitely a huge Beauty Trend for Fall.

4. Pink Eyeshadow

Super Feminim and Vibrant. Use loose eyeshadow with glitter for a fresh change. 

Pink Eyeshadow Fall 2018 Beauty

5. Red and Gold

Red Lips and Gold Hints 

These two color combinations are perfect for fall and winter.

Gold is the dominate glow color this season (over the silvers and purples).

Red Lips for Fall 2018 Beauty