Crystal S.
Brevity Co.

 Body Scrub- Yes it is March, and although we would all like to imagine that spring is around the corner, we will likely have a few more weeks of Winter- making this the perfect time to prep our skin for the days of short sleeves and bathing suits.

What is a better way to prepare our dry winter skin and reveal the fresh glow of what’s underneath than with a body scrub? But before you purchase a body scrub, let’s look into what we should look for in the ingredients because not every body scrub is created equal. 

Here are the top 5 things you should look for in a body scrub:

body scrub

1. The Oils: 

There’s a lot of science behind oils and how they benefit the skin. Some oils are heavy, with large molecules that sit on top of the skin. These act to protect, but not to heal or penetrate. They hold moisture in. Coconut Oil is a good example of a heavy oil.

Then there are oils that nourish the very top layers of skin, and soften dry skin. Olive Oil is my favorite example.

 Then there are oils that penetrate the skin more deeply, and work to nourish new skin and give those cells a great start. Hello jojoba oil!

Coffee Bean Scrub

2. The Coffee:  COFFEE REDUCES CELLULITE. It works by tightening the skin, the same way it shrinks capillaries when you drink it. 

3. The Sugar (vs. salt): Salt is great at detoxing. Because of its magnetic relationship with water, it can pull the muckiness from your skin. But in return, it dries you out and can also pull the good things from your skin too, like moisture.  There is a time and a place for salt, but not in a scrub.

Sugar, on the other hand, only deals with the surface. The dead, dry and flaky surface. So when aiming to exfoliate as a spring prep, aim for a sugar scrub. 


4. The Feel: A Scrub shouldn’t feel like sand paper. Rather it should feel like your delicately scratching an itch. The components should not be course or painful. That defeats the purpose, you want to slough off dead skin, not damage new skin! You also should not have to rub hard, you should be gentle and still get the job done.

5. The Results of the Scrub: How does it make you feel? Do you notice a difference immediately? Do you love how soft your hands, feet, arms or legs feel after a treatment? If the answer is no, then it’s time to keep looking.