Acne on your shoulders, back, arms, chest and even your butt. It can be embarrassing and exhausting, but here's how to get rid of body acne and have beautiful clear skin.

How to get rid of body acne n 2023

10 ways to get rid of body acne that is easy and inexpensive. 

1. Assess your skin

Know the type of skin that you have. Is it sensitive? Is it dry? Is it oily? This will make a big difference in the products that you should use.

Knowing how long you have had body acne is also important. Have you always had it it? Did it start after a hormonal change? Did it start when you started working out. Did it start when you started a certain diet? 

2. Pick a Soap

If you have sensitive skin, use a body soap specifically for sensitive skin. Dove makes a very inexpensive bar soap. If you have normal skin try Neutrogena Body Soap.

It doesn’t have to be a bar soap, but what you want to look for is Salicylic Acid.

3. Use an Astringent with Salicylic Acid

Use a cotton ball and apply to the area. This will serve as a topical treatment. There are many deep pore cleansing products. Peach Slices | Acne Exfoliating Toner | 2% Salicylic Acid | AHA+BHA Exfoliation is affordable and effective.

You can also use a spot treatment. 

4. Moisturize

Do not neglect moisturizing, especially after cleaning. Never leave that area dry. Use a good moisturizer. The same night cream you use on your face can be the same night cream you can use on your body to provide great moisture. Don’t neglect your body skin just because it isn’t always visable. 

6. Start Switching to Cotton

Stay away from anything that is not breathable and traps moisture.

If you notice that most of your clothing is not cotton, begin making the switch.
If you noticed that working out and acne came hand in hand, opt for only cotton shirts and pants.

Also, make sure you clean the area right after your workout. 

7. Wash your Clothing more often

For workout clothing, only wear the item only once. Bacteria likes to fester in wet areas. If you can’t afford to wear something new each time, sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the garment. This will help to get some of the moisture that may be causing the acne. 

8. Change your Detergent

Change your detergent to something without scents and that is for sensitive skin. Your body acne may be caused by or even aggravated by the perfume in the detergent or softener. Use a clear formula or a natural brand.

9. Change your Diet

If you are doing the above and still have acne, then it could be something that you are eating. Wheat, cheese, saturated fats are known food items that cause acne. Read 5 Foods that May be Causing your Acne to learn more.

10. Use a Dark Spot Corrector

The scars left behind can be an unfortunate reminder of your fight with body acne.  You can use a topical dark spot corrector, laser scar removal or a natural remedy to get rid of body scaring.  

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