Yes, Even For Your Face!

When I tell people to use oil to cleanse their skin I get the myriad of responses, most of them shocked and confused. But any skincare expert worth their weight will agree with me whole-heartedly that oil is a better cleanser than soap. Read below to find out why.

1. Oil dissolves oil, and repels water.

Dirt, debris, bad oils, and harmful bacteria almost always live in the sebum (good oil) that is naturally found in your pores and on top of your skin. When you use an oil to clean your skin, it naturally mixes with your natural oil and brings out all that grime to the surface, and then it is wiped away, without harming the natural oil layer on your skin.

2. Water repels oil.

At best, using water to cleanse the skin will do absolutely nothing. At worst, it will push the dirt and grime deeper into your skin, because of the natural repellent properties. Like two opposing ends of a magnet.

3. Soap strips the good stuff too!

Ah, the sudsy stuff we have come to know and love. While soap gets rid of all that grime, it also strips us of all the good. It can dissolve oil away completely and get rid of milder acne-causing bacteria. The problem is it also gets rid of the good oils, and the good flora and fauna on our skin. Our skin responds at the biological level by going into hyper-drive, replacing all that natural oil as fast as possible. This, in turn leads you too soapier cleanses and the terrible cycle continues.

4. Oil cleansing is great for acne prone skin!

Add a drop of tea-tree essential oil to your bottle of olive oil and you have the best oil-cleanse for acne! The tea-tree oil will kill and heal acne, and the olive oil will do the rest, and even prevent scaring.

How Use Oil To Cleanse Your Skin:

  1. Have a bottle of oil set aside specifically for cleansing. Olive oil is my favorite for all skin types, Jojoba is perfect for dry skin, and it doesn’t get better than Grapeseed oil for acne prone skin.

2. Rub a dime sized amount onto your face in gentle circular motions. Or for the whole body, use a bit more.

3. Take a soft damp cloth and gently wipe the oil away.

Pro Tip: If you are oil cleansing before a shower, don’t wipe the oil off, just shower as normal, skip the soap, and dry off as usual.

For people with acne prone skin, using this to heal the sensitive areas on the face please be aware that it will get worse a few days before it gets better.

Here is why:

The mantle layer on your skin is dry and tight from soap use, and thus the oil/grime has a harder time coming to the surface. There is buildup under this layer, despite the fact that your face feels soft and oily because, as mentioned above, your skin is working very hard to produce more oil once you remove it. As the days of oil cleansing go by, your skin is getting softer, and the oils trapped below are beginning to come to the surface. Even slower to get the message, is your skin cells. They will only begin to slow down oil production after a few days of getting the feedback that there is plenty of oil on your skin, and they can calm down.

Please stick with it at least 30 days. I have seen amazing results with this method. Afterwards, e-mail me to let me know if you agree oil is a better cleanser than soap.

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