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Winter fashion 2018

Winter is here and blogger Onayeme @powerinstincts is here to help you curate perfect winter looks. Many of these classic items you’ll already own, so bring out the sweaters, turtule necks, boots….

Here are some Ideas for Winter Outfits

1. A cute "jumper dress'' is a great way to layer

Depending on the weather, you can layer it up or down, with tights or leggings. 

“PRO TIP: Throw a turtleneck under your fave summer dress so you can wear it allllll year round,” -@powerinstincts

2. Invest in comfortable sweaters that are not a drab color

Just because it is winter, does not mean that you have to dress in dark colors. 

“Serums have really saved my skin this winter.” -Ana

3. Bring out the wool

Wool is a very seasonal fabric.

“This bronzing oil gives me a subtle glow.”- Ana

4. Don't pack or un-pack your maxi skirt

The extra barrier will help keep makeup from “caking” and will seal in your moisturizer. 

“I do not step out without primer during the winter, regardless of wearing makeup or not.” -Ana

5. Invest in a chunky heel boot

Chunky heels are way more comfortable than stilettos chunky boots are more versatile. 

“Brevity’s body scrub is extremely hydrating.” -Ana

6. Invest in a body forming jacket

Invest in a jacket that gives you a shape. 

“I love a good sheet mask during the winter. Super hydrating.”- Ana

Winter fashion 2018

Onayeme Jelugbo