What is a Gift Closet and Why You Need One

Secrets to looking put together in 2018


Gift Closet.

Two words that individuals that seem put together know.

You know the ones.

They always seem to have a gift for everyone at that perfect moment and you are stuck accepting it and simultaneously berating yourself for not having your life together.

They have a gift closet!

The best time of the year to stock up on gifts is right after Christmas.

Keep all of the unwanted trinkets and novelties to re-gift. Buy on sale gifts after Christmas and yank off the filled labels on the gift bags. Keep the bags for the next Christmas or keep the bag to use as extra trash bags.

This way if an unexpected birthday comes up- you will always be prepared.

Tip: Always have a set budget when walking into a store. Even if it is on sale, do not spend more than you budgeted for. Do not overspend, especially on un-needed items.