Basic things you should know, but don’t. Don’t worry, we didn’t know this too. 

1. Prunes are Plums.

Fermented Plums. Why can’t we just keep it simple and call them “dried plums”?

Bowel of Plums

2. Your Veins are Blue or Green because of the way the light reflects against your skin.

The light penetrates the skin and illuminates your veins and this the color that we see. Maybe we were taught this in Elementary School…

Veins in the human body
I knew blood was red!

3. Women are born with eggs.

There is a scientific debate if women make more during their lifetime, or when they are born they are born with all the eggs they will have throughout their life.

Anyhow, it is strange to think that we already have our future children with us from our actual birth-day. 

Woman carrying eggs
You've been carrying eggs since Day 1!

4. Baby Carrots are actually ugly regular sized carrots.

That are cut in an adorable smaller size with preservatives added to keep them fresh. Things you should know, perhaps. 

Carrots Large

5. Money is made out of Cotton.

Well 3/4 cotton and 1/4 linen.  Makes a lot of sense if you think about U.S. History and the impact cotton had in the U.S.

Dollar Bills
Dollar Dallar Bills

6. Celery  have negative Calories.

This is a common saying, but in fact Celery has 6 calories. The “negative calories” stigma comes from the belief that the energy it takes to chew and digest it burns more calories than intake. But this is good to know if you want to use a dipping sauce that has a lot of calories.

And now celery will be sold out across stores in America