1. Always make time to re-connect, even if it is 50 seconds or 15 minutes

Make time to ask your significant other about their day and make sure you are sincerely asking and listening.

Put down the electronics; in fact leave them in the other room to make sure you are paying attention.

Make sure you are spending moments of quality time with just you and your significant other. It might seem impossible to escape the kids, moms and dads, the posse, but you have to make time to do so.

2. Be nice

This might seems such a silly thing to say, but after a long hard day, it can be tough. Rule of Thumb, never be nicer to a stranger than to your significant other.

Do not take out your frustrations on the one you love. Like the 90’s R&B singer Donell Jones said “… But when you love someone…You just don’t treat them bad”. This is the truth. Think about what you are doing and saying.

3. Make sure your intimate

Intimacy means different things to different people. It could be from holding hands to sex. Both partners need to be satisfied and understanding within this process, but it is important.

4. Check in

Don’t go the whole day without speaking to one another. If you are forgetful to check in, put a reminder on your phone.

I once shared an office with a woman who was married for over 25 years with three grown children. She and her husband spoke at least 4 times a day (that I overheard). They were informing each other about things going on in their day, asking questions and also arguing. But that is real life. Stop excluding your significant other from the small things and let them be apart of all things by checking in.

5. Always have your partner’s back (layman terms)

Unity is such a powerful thing. A relationship ran in unity is stronger than an un-united front. You should be able to talk and bounce back ideas with one another. Agreeing is not necessary but compromising is.

Leave arguments (unless they are playful banter) behind doors and always (try) to look like a united front. -Meaning stop letting other people get involved in your relationship and have un-qualified opinions about your relationship. 

Some people feed on drama and want others to be as miserable as them. Watch who you are confiding in.