With so many Netflix Movies and Shows to choose from, we decided to help you out. May is the month for drama and what is the best drama besides family drama? Here are the best Netflix Shows and Movies for May 2018.

1. The Week Of 

Netflix Family Comedy Movie -This movie is great. The acting and writing is top notch. Very cute family movie. Family

2. Jungle Books 

Cute rendition of a classic. Netflix Family

3. Requiem 

Netflix Show- A British horror/mystery show. Very different from other syfy or sci-fi, let’s just say science fiction shows.  TV-MA 

4. Santa Clarita Diet 

A very cute Netflix show about a mother who turns in a zombie. It is not your average bloodshed zombie show. Great show to binge watch. TV-MA 

5. Deep Blue Sea 

Action pack classic flick about a killer shark. Rated R

6. Dude 

A drama about high school seniors going to the next stage of their lives. Although they are young, they have to deal and face things that no one should. Great writing and Acting. Rated R

7. Dear White People: Vol. 2

Netflix Show- Talks about racial and social injustice in a very artistic way. The writing is great. Very unique. TV-MA  

8. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Netflix Comedy – Her first standup special was great and so is this one. It discusses feminism, racism and a lot of mother-hood in an unfiltered way. TV-MA

9. Kodachrome

Netflix Movie- A Drama about a son saying good-bye to his father. A father who always made his son, his last priority. Rated- R

10. 6 Balloons

Netflix Movie- A Drama about a brother that is addicted to heroin and a sister who is determined to put him in a detox clinic that day.  Rated- R