Thirsty vs Sexy

Thirsty vs. Sexy

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There’s a line between being thirsty and sexy. A line that, many females think, gets crossed a lot (according to Instagram surveys).

I asked seven females what qualities in man qualifies thirsty versus sexy and here are their anonymous contributions.

AL: “So What is Thirsty?”

“Thirsty is when he is constantly in your DMs, sweating you for your attention and when you don’t respond how he likes, he starts saying something negative or belittles you.”

“It is when a guy asks you out without trying to get to know you first, especially the persistent ones. It’s like my dude, I’m not going to go out with a stranger.” 

AL: “What Qualifies a Man as Sexy?”

“Sexy is charming. Sexy is being in the DM, but not like everyone else. He may approach you with respect, humor and is interested in you, not just for sex. He can say something like, ‘…you’re fine and I know you can buy your own food, but let me do that for you…’ or something similar. They are the ones with something more than the average man.”

“Sexy is like ‘What’s up? I want to take you out. Wine and dine you.’ He lets you know that, yeah you’re sexy. He’s better than the average guy and wants more than just sex.”

“I think ‘Sexy’ is a confident man that exudes self-awareness with a balance of assertion.”

AL: “How Can You Tell if the Guy is ‘Thirsty’?”

“You can kind of tell thirsty from sexy because thirsty almost annoys you; sexy charms you.

Sexy Vs. Thirsty

“Thirsty men are low key insecure and try to overcompensate for some area of their life. They are uncertain of and usually project those insecurities on others, particularly women who may share similar or personal insecurities as well.”

“‘Thirsty’ is: I’ll take that anytime anyplace because I might not get again!” 

AL: “How Do You Not Become ‘Thirsty’ If You are Trying to Pick Up a Girl Online?”

“Something that is big for me is the choice of words men choose to use when trying to pick you up. Some will approach very polite and some just approach with some sort of entitlement! Being polite is always favored not, “Hey you’re fine we should talk 999-666-6667” …ummm no. How about getting to know each other first to see why we should speak in the first place.” 

AL: “What About When Commenting on Pictures?”

“When commenting on pictures go with ‘You look pretty’ vs ‘Damn that ass looks heavy!’ Like what? Then be like ‘here’s my number’ ; that’s a thirsty dude.”

AL: “What Would You Say to the Guys Out There That Are Being ‘Thirsty’?”

Thirsty vs Sexy

“To all of the thirsty guys out there that are constantly in your DMs after you’ve made numerous attempts to show that you are not interested and those that like and comment on all of your posts knowing that they don’t have a chance: Stop it! It’s not attractive and honestly doesn’t draw us females towards you, so just chill. If we like you we’ll make it known and if we don’t simply just move on. Life’s way too short! Talk to females that are actually interested in you. Stop harassing those that find you annoying.”

“Another type of guy that is just as annoying as thirsty ones are the overly sexy ones. I’m not talking about those that are hardworking and are simply good looking because of their God-given body. I’m talking about those that use their body to try to get females instead of using their brains. Like ‘yes your 6 pack and muscular arms are nice, but if you can’t hold a good conversation, I’m not interested’. My advice to all those sexy looking guys out there is to let your body be an added bonus and treat your lady like she deserves to be treated. Don’t think that because you have a nice body it means that you can get any woman that you want. Looks don’t always last forever and you have to have something else going for you…well, that’s if you want a lasting relationship.” 

Unmasking the Thirsty Guys: Desperation in the Pursuit of Love

In the labyrinthine world of dating and nightlife, a conspicuous breed of individuals often emerges – the thirsty guys. These men are notorious for their desperate attempts to capture the attention of women, often resorting to exaggerated tactics that leave many perplexed and amused. Like moths to a flame, they flock to crowded bars and nightclubs, driven by a fervent desire for female companionship. In this article, we delve into the curious phenomenon of the thirsty guys, examining their behavior, motivations, and the impact it has on the dating scene.

The Thirst on Display

Picture a bustling nightclub on a Saturday night, the pulsating music, the vibrant ambiance, and then there they are – the thirsty guys. They stand out like beacons, their desperation palpable in every gesture. Armed with cheesy pickup lines, over-the-top compliments, and an abundance of liquid courage, they approach women with exaggerated displays of interest. Their attempts to impress can range from bragging about their achievements to performing outlandish dance moves, all in the hope of catching a woman’s eye.

The Quest for Female Attention

The central motivation behind the actions of these thirsty guys is the relentless pursuit of female attention. They often believe that by making a bold statement or grabbing the spotlight, they can increase their chances of finding a romantic connection. It’s an endeavor driven by a deep-seated need for validation and an eagerness to secure a partner, sometimes at any cost.

The Mixed Reactions

The reactions to thirsty guys are as diverse as the individuals themselves. Some women find their antics amusing and even endearing, appreciating the effort to break the ice. However, for many others, the exaggerated attempts can come across as insincere or even off-putting. Eye-rolls and polite rejections often punctuate the path of the thirsty guys as they navigate the dating arena.

Thirst vs. Authenticity

The antics of the thirsty guys highlight a crucial aspect of modern dating – the balance between confidence and authenticity. While boldness and confidence can be attractive qualities, they must be tempered with sincerity and genuine interest in getting to know someone. Authentic connections often thrive when both parties can drop their masks and engage in meaningful conversations, free from the pressure to perform.

Tthe world of dating is a complex landscape, and the thirsty guys are just one facet of it. While their antics may elicit mixed reactions, they remind us of the importance of authenticity in forging connections. The key to meaningful relationships lies in being true to oneself and embracing the genuine pursuit of love, free from exaggerated performances and pick-up lines. So, the next time you encounter a thirsty guy in a nightclub, perhaps offer a kind smile, but remember that genuine connections often shine brightest when both parties can simply be themselves.

Photo by Daniel Xavier

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