We've all been there before. That moment when you have a really good friend and then out of nowhere you begin to find them surprisingly attractive. There is a word to describe it: Proxemics.

proxemics and the surprise attraction

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels

The idea of proxemics is very real. The more time you spend with someone within your preference, the more you will become attracted to that person. So the thought begins to linger in your mind: Should we potentially ruin our friendship with trying to be more than friends? Should we give into temptation and become intimate with each other? Those questions among others are answered by the Thundercats on this week’s episode.

Also in this episode, P-Mac & He-Man discuss brutal honesty and how it may hurt your significant other in the moment, but how they will learn to respect you for it in the long run. Find out all of this and more on The Welcome 2 Forever Podcast Episode 63, “Jinkies”.


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