What Is a Fuck Boy and Are You One Of Them?


What is a Fuckboy and Are You One of Them?

The anatomy of a modern day fuckboy.

By Ana Lefebvre

What is a Fuck Boy?

After talking to a friend about the actual meaning of a fuckboy, I decided to write an article about it. They are the most manipulative creatures to “date” and are sometimes hard to spot, at first. 
Have you experienced a fuckboy? 
Are you a fuckboy?

A fuckboy is a a guy that does everything with the purpose of just having sex with the girl. Most of his actions are misleading because he pretends to genuinely care to a certain point and then after he is done, he pulls back as his work is done, but he is probably setting up for his next target while keeping her on deck. 

A fuckboy has really good game. They are usually charismatic and funny at first. They usually use synonyms for the girl, to appear loving, but they are just trying to not get her name mixed up with the others. 

Fuckboys will usually text or call the girl at the same time of day to keep their schedule and rotation together, but if she does not reach out to them, they will try to make her feel guilty. 

Fuckboys have self esteem issues and sometimes are narcissistic. They want relationship vibes from the girl while giving her as little as possible. It makes them feel wanted and they need to feel wanted to make up for some deep (seeded) rooted issue. 

A fuckboy and player are two different things. Players do not try to get to know her. They do not give her relationship vibes. They let her know where she stands.  Fuckboys do not. 

Fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes. The rich ones will take her out and show off. They want to show her what they could give her. They want to give her a taste of their life, to string her along. Others will try to compensate by unnecessarily talking about their finances or penis. Both want the girl to praise them and treat them as a Demigod. 

Fuckboys usually come back. They get off on toying with her feelings. It makes him feel good that he can control her. They are very manipulative.

Can you be in a relationship with a fuck boy (FB)?

The answer is yes. He will give her just enough attention; so, that she thinks that it is a “relationship”/ “situation”. He will also give her hopes that it is going somewhere. FB’s are really good at picking females that have low self-esteem/vulnerable. They might even want to get serious for a moment (you can even be married to one), but it doesn’t last. 

How can you tell if you are with a fuck boy?

There’s no formula/solution to figuring it out besides the way they treat you. Watch the way they communicate. Also, a lot do ask for photos all the time. 

Girls can be fuckboys too.

On a personal note: I believe everyone must take account for their own actions. Although this type of behavior is destructive and manipulative, we as women have to render the narrative as being frail and naive. You can’t fix them. They are not your sons to raise. 

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