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5 Things you should look for in a Body Scrub


5 Things you should look for in a Body Scrub

Look for these items in a body scrub because all body scrubs are not created equal

Updated 7-31-18

Crystal S.
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Body Scrub

 Body Scrub- Yes it is March, and although we would all like to imagine that spring is around the corner, we will likely have a few more weeks of Winter- making this the perfect time to prep our skin for the days of short sleeves and bathing suits.

What is a better way to prepare our dry winter skin and reveal the fresh glow of what’s underneath than with a body scrub? But before you purchase a body scrub, let’s look into what we should look for in the ingredients because not every body scrub is created equal. 

Here are the top 5 things you should look for in a body scrub:

1. The Oils: 

There’s a lot of science behind oils and how they benefit the skin. Some oils are heavy, with large molecules that sit on top of the skin. These act to protect, but not to heal or penetrate. They hold moisture in. Coconut Oil is a good example of a heavy oil.

Then there are oils that nourish the very top layers of skin, and soften dry skin. Olive Oil is my favorite example.

 Then there are oils that penetrate the skin more deeply, and work to nourish new skin and give those cells a great start. Hello jojoba oil!

Coffee Bean Scrub

2. The Coffee:  COFFEE REDUCES CELLULITE. It works by tightening the skin, the same way it shrinks capillaries when you drink it. 


3. The Sugar (vs. salt): Salt is great at detoxing. Because of its magnetic relationship with water, it can pull the muckiness from your skin. But in return, it dries you out and can also pull the good things from your skin too, like moisture.  There is a time and a place for salt, but not in a scrub.

Sugar, on the other hand, only deals with the surface. The dead, dry and flaky surface. So when aiming to exfoliate as a spring prep, aim for a sugar scrub. 

Brevity hand and body scrub
brevity's body scrub is handmade with organic coffee

4. The Feel: A Scrub shouldn’t feel like sand paper. Rather it should feel like your delicately scratching an itch. The components should not be course or painful. That defeats the purpose, you want to slough off dead skin, not damage new skin! You also should not have to rub hard, you should be gentle and still get the job done.

5. The Results of the Scrub: How does it make you feel? Do you notice a difference immediately? Do you love how soft your hands, feet, arms or legs feel after a treatment? If the answer is no, then it’s time to keep looking.

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Beauty regimine to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of Face Wrinkles Fast


How to get rid of Face Wrinkles Fast

Wrinkles can be obnoxious, luckily Rodan and Fields can help you get rid of face wrinkles fast. 


Revised 7/31/18

Cheryl Cosyleon

Beauty Enthusiast
Beauty regimine to get rid of wrinkles
Results from usage of Rodan and Fields products from October 2016- March 2017 for Sun Damage
Skin and Eye Creme Beauty Results
Results from usage of Rodan and Fields products from August 2015- January 2017

The above images are provided results from the use of Rodan and Fields products to get rid of face wrinkles.

Have you ever heard the quote “If you don't have wrinkles, you haven’t laughed enough?” Well baby, I have laughed plenty.

My daughter and I were in Minnesota recently  and attended a couple of girl’s nights with some friends.

A rep for Rodan and Fields happened to come to one of our girl’s night to share beauty tips. She asked me what I would like to improve and I told her that I really wanted to get rid of my skin wrinkles on my face and neck.

She gave me some items to try and immediately upon application, I was impressed.

She also told me that Rodan and Fields, has several regimens to address various issues: skin wrinkles, firmness, age and dark spots, acne, sun damage, aging skin, and sensitive skin. Now I didn’t know much about this product but once she informed me that Rodan and Field’s product’s were developed by the same Stanford graduate dermatologists that formulated the popular Pro Active products, I was pretty much sold. 

Rodan and Fields Results March 2016- May 2017

After reviewing the results from the Rep’s application, I decided to order some of the regimen,” Re-define”.

I am happy to say that I have used it for about 2 months and I am very impressed.

My husband is so impressed that he said, “I hope this product will help this brown guy’s complexion.” He has been using the regimen “Reverse” to diminish his dark spot for less than eight weeks.

Rodan and Fields's Soothe
Rodan and Fields Reverse Brightening Regimine

This is the result from my husband after only 3 weeks of using the Reverse Brightening Regimen from Rodan and Fields. 

Acne Solutons

I was so excited about these products and the results that I decided to become a consultant. Not only for the prospect of having less skin wrinkles, but for the opportunity to earn extra income doing something that I have a passion for: helping people with their skin conditions. 

If you are interested in learning more- The Doctors have put a FREE solution tool on the website which will give a potential customer suggested regimens based on their primary and secondary skin concerns, which takes the guess work out of choosing a product-which is great! 

Are you ready to get started for free? 

Click Here to Better Skin and to get rid of Face Wrinkles fast!

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Collagene in pill and powder form

Beauty Tip: Eat your Collagen

Collagene in pill and powder form
Super Collagen in powder and tablet form

Great hair, skin and nails seem like something that should come natural to everyone, but if you are like me, it does not.

I’ve put my hair through a lot within the past years and I have decided to give back.

For the past two months, I have been taking collagen in the powdered form and recently switched to the pill form.

What is Collagen?

I have previously heard about collagen in the form of injectables (fillers) and upon doing research about fillers (I am so tired of covering my dark under eye circles), I stumbled across articles about collagen in a digestible form. I did my research and decided to go ahead and try it.

Collagen consists of Amino Acids (the building blocks of protein) and improves circulation, strengthens the structure of bones, and helps with maintaining healthy skin, hair and muscles click here for more information .

I was interested in trying collagen for superficial reasons: hair growth and maintaining healthy skin.

I haven’t noticed much improvement in my under eye circles and frown lines, but I have noticed a difference in my hair. The funny thing is that the hair on my body is growing super fast while the hair on my head is growing faster, but not as fast as I would like it to.

I haven’t noticed much difference in my nails, but I’ve always had strong nails that grow very fast.

I have noticed less skin bruising. I am accident-prone and I have noticed a lack of bruises from recent run-ins in my nightstand and dining room table.

I have also noticed less soreness after workouts (it is protien). 

So far, I like the product. The brand above is very inexpensive, easy to purchase and rated highly.

The biggest challenge for me is remembering to take the power form on an empty stomach with a source of vitamin C (orange juice was my choice). I purchased the pill form, but the price is more expensive and the quantity is lower.