Life Hacks

Real Life Hacks That You Will Actually Use

Life Hacks

Need some great Life Hacks tips that will save you time and money?

Here are  11 Real Life Hacks That You Will Actually Use.

1. Take a picture of your refrigerator and you will never forget anything at the grocery store again.

Now you don’t have an excuse to forget anything. 

2. Turn on your seat warmer to keep takeout warm.

Now you can use seat warmers year around. 

3. If you can’t find a USB charger in your hotel room, or you don’t have enough in your house, use the back of your TV.

The USB saves the day!

4. Switch Your Phone to Airplane Mode to charge it and it will charge super fast.

The hardest part is staying offline. 

5. Cool a warm beverage quickly by wrapping it with a paper towel and then putting it in the fridge. It will cool much faster.

It will cool at super speed.

6. Add baking soda to boiled eggs to remove shells easier.

Nothing worse than trying to make Deviled Eggs for a party and the eggs peel terribly. 

7. Keep your cables and power cords organized by labeling them with bread clips.

Finally a use for those little things!

8. If your butter is too cold to spread, use a cheese grater.

Because if you melt the butter it ruins it!

9. Command hooks are also handy for making sure your garbage bag doesn't slip down into the can.

A great way to re-use old command hooks from Christmas.

10. Don't want to wait by the oven to see when your food is finished cooking? Place a phone in front of the oven and keep an eye on your food via camera.

Technology for the win!

11. Dollar shot liquor bottles are the perfect size for salad dressing on the go.

You just might have a little explaining to do.


8 Practical Things you Can Wash in the Dishwasher

Staff Reporter

Household tips to make the process of cleaning things from our daily lives easier to manage. Tangible things. The other stuff you need to speak to your shrink or maker about… Here are practical things you can wash in the dishwasher that will save you tons of time.

Guess what! You can wash more than dishes in these things!
  1. Hair brushes and combs (clean out the hair first) and then put them where you would normally put the silverware. 

2. Dog Toys (because they are gross). 

3. Pet dishes (they need to be cleaned once in a while). 

4. Potatoes (but wash them with other things because it will waste electricity). Unless you are cooking mash potatoes for an army.

Potatoes can be cleaned

5. Fingernail clippers (instead of dousing them in alcohol, use this method). These are one of those household items that do not get washed enough.

6. Ziplock bags or steam bags (The dishwasher will wash and almost dry them). This way you can re-use the bags.

7. Hats or Caps (They need to be washed to prevent forehead acne. Afterwards, spray the inside area with alcohol for double duty cleaning) If you do not want to use alcohol use vinegar. You may have to rinse a lot to get the smell out. *

Do not use peroxide because it might change the color of the cap. 

Hats and Shoes in dishwasher

8. Canvas Shoes. I.e. Vans/ Converse (start off by washing them in the dishwasher and then finish by scrubbing the rubber parts with a toothbrush or another applicable brush).