Spring Nail Trends

Spring Nail Trends and Manicure Ideas

Spring Nail Trends

Looking for spring nail ideas and trends for your next manicure? Instagram’s @nailartenon has provided plenty of nail ideas and spring nail color inspiration.        


Cherry Bright Red nails are a classic go to. Mix it up by adding a decorative nail with spring nail art. 


Mix up your usual nail colors by opting for a sparkly teal manicure. 


A classic nude nail is always a great manicure idea. 


Nails with patterns will be very popular this spring. Marble Nails are easy to recreate with the right tool. 

Find out more about Nailartenon and even more fantastic nail ideas by going to her website nailartenon.altervista.org

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Side Chick Contract

A “side chick contract” is a term that gained popularity in casual and colloquial language, often on social media or in pop culture references. It’s not a legally binding document but rather a humorous or sarcastic way to describe an agreement between two people involved in a non-primary relationship. Here’s a breakdown of what such a “contract” might involve:

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

A new season always brings new fashion from the runways of Millan, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and more. Here are some of the biggest fashion trends for accessories and clothing.

Read below for 10 of the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2019.


Cross Body Fanny Pac

The Cross Body Fanny Pac is still in trend for spring 2019 fashion. The sports brands are more popular this year than before. Fila and Adidas are the most popular this season. 


Flared Pants

Flared pants are in for spring 2019 fashion. Last spring the cropped flairs were in style. This year the floor length flairs are in style. 


The Jean Jacket

The jean jacket was popular in last summer’s fashion, and it is popular again. Easy to pair and very versatile. 



Neons are back in style this spring/summer 2019. Brighten up your work day with a neon blazer. If neon is too bright for your, opt for a neon color accessory.


Biker Shorts

Biker shorts made their debut back in our closets last year and they are back for the spring summer 2019 fashion trends. Dress them up or down, or wear to the gym. Get fancy and pair with a white blouse or a shinny crop top. 


Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt are back in style. Light weight an easy to pair with tights for those cold spring days. The mid-length style is in trend. 


Classic White Blouse

Since Patterns are so popular this season, the classic white blouse creates the perfect pairing. 


Colorful Maxi

A huge spring 2019 fashion trend is patterns. This will be the true test of any fashionista or fashion expert. How many patterns can you aesthetically pair together?


Crochet Tops

The crochet patterns is back in for spring fashion. The pattern is interesting to look at and also breezy to pull off. The pairing with the right bottom is limitless since crochet goes with almost all other materials. 


The Color Mustard

Yellow is the springs fashion color. To be more specific the color mustard is one of the top spring 2019 fashion trends. 

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends
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Swimsuit Brands Rated

Swimsuit Brands Rated

Swimsuit brands rated to make your shopping easier.
Swimsuit Brands Rated

Finding a great Swimsuit is hard. A great swimsuit is the difference between flashing the public or not. Here are 5 popular and easy accessible swimsuit brands rated, in case you need a last minute swimsuit.

1. Wal-Mart 

Good for non-water activities. Tops are flimsy, bottoms are flimsy. If you need something last minute for a pool party that you do not plan on getting wet at, then this is okay. 

Walmart Blue Bathing Suit

2. Target 

Depends on what Suit you purchase, but over the years, Target has really strived to stay trendy, which is much appreciated. Their swimsuits are lined very well and they have a variety of sizes in store and online. Their best swimsuits are constantly on sale as well.  

Cute Target Bathing Suit

3. Amazon

Thank-goodness for the return policy, because purchasing a swimsuit from them is like playing Roulette. See through suits with poor lining is common. Not water friendly. *This is not for all suits. 

Amazon Bathing Suits

4. Everything but Water 

Love these suits. Love the store. For a $200 swimsuit, I wouldn’t expect anything else. No mishaps.

Everything But Water Swimsuit

5. H & M

Flimsy bathing suits for women with bigger chests. 


Target Swim Suit

6. Forever 21

Some are flimsy, but some are well made. Just search and make sure you try on before leaving the store. Remember you can exchange only in store, but online their are options to return. 

The company that has the most affordable and widest selection of swimsuits is Target. 

The company that has great quality swimsuits that will last for a long time is Everything but water. 

Beautiful white nails with pink roses

Top Nail Trends for Spring 2018

Top Nail Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is almost officially here and so are the new nail trends


Ana Veiga

We no longer have to follow the rule of keeping the nails a softer color for spring. Anything really does go because a good manicure is always in style.

Here are the top nail trends for Spring 2018 to try now. 

All photos are provided from @nailartenon and on 100% natural nails. 

Beautiful white nails with pink roses
Curtesy of @nailartenon

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1. A fancy nail 

In 2017 the one fancy nail was so good, that we are doing it again.  It’s conservative enough for the workplace, but fancy enough for those weekend parties. 

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

2. Nails that Scream “Spring”

Or Easter nails or just really cute nails with poka dots.

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

3. Nails that look like art

How can you have a bad day with nails like these?

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

5. Metallic Nail Colors

Taking a beautiful color and adding pizzazz. 

#Essence #metalnails #purplenails

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

A post shared by Nailartenon (@nailartenon) on

6. Bold Colors 

Who says Spring is all about pastels?

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Find out more about Nailartenon and even more fantastic nail ideas by going to her website nailartenon.altervista.org . 

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