Swimsuit brands rated to make your shopping easier.

Finding a great Swimsuit is hard. A great swimsuit is the difference between flashing the public or not. Here are 5 popular and easy accessible swimsuit brands rated, in case you need a last minute swimsuit.

1. Wal-Mart 

Good for non-water activities. Tops are flimsy, bottoms are flimsy. If you need something last minute for a pool party that you do not plan on getting wet at, then this is okay. 

Walmart Blue Bathing Suit

2. Target 

Depends on what Suit you purchase, but over the years, Target has really strived to stay trendy, which is much appreciated. Their swimsuits are lined very well and they have a variety of sizes in store and online. Their best swimsuits are constantly on sale as well.  

Cute Target Bathing Suit

3. Amazon

Thank-goodness for the return policy, because purchasing a swimsuit from them is like playing Roulette. See through suits with poor lining is common. Not water friendly. *This is not for all suits. 

Amazon Bathing Suits

4. Everything but Water 

Love these suits. Love the store. For a $200 swimsuit, I wouldn’t expect anything else. No mishaps.

Everything But Water Swimsuit

5. H & M

Flimsy bathing suits for women with bigger chests. 


Target Swim Suit

6. Forever 21

Some are flimsy, but some are well made. Just search and make sure you try on before leaving the store. Remember you can exchange only in store, but online their are options to return. 

The company that has the most affordable and widest selection of swimsuits is Target. 

The company that has great quality swimsuits that will last for a long time is Everything but water.