Beauty regimine to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of Face Wrinkles Fast


How to get rid of Face Wrinkles Fast

Wrinkles can be obnoxious, luckily Rodan and Fields can help you get rid of face wrinkles fast. 


Revised 7/31/18

Cheryl Cosyleon

Beauty Enthusiast
Beauty regimine to get rid of wrinkles
Results from usage of Rodan and Fields products from October 2016- March 2017 for Sun Damage
Skin and Eye Creme Beauty Results
Results from usage of Rodan and Fields products from August 2015- January 2017

The above images are provided results from the use of Rodan and Fields products to get rid of face wrinkles.

Have you ever heard the quote “If you don't have wrinkles, you haven’t laughed enough?” Well baby, I have laughed plenty.

My daughter and I were in Minnesota recently  and attended a couple of girl’s nights with some friends.

A rep for Rodan and Fields happened to come to one of our girl’s night to share beauty tips. She asked me what I would like to improve and I told her that I really wanted to get rid of my skin wrinkles on my face and neck.

She gave me some items to try and immediately upon application, I was impressed.

She also told me that Rodan and Fields, has several regimens to address various issues: skin wrinkles, firmness, age and dark spots, acne, sun damage, aging skin, and sensitive skin. Now I didn’t know much about this product but once she informed me that Rodan and Field’s product’s were developed by the same Stanford graduate dermatologists that formulated the popular Pro Active products, I was pretty much sold. 

Rodan and Fields Results March 2016- May 2017

After reviewing the results from the Rep’s application, I decided to order some of the regimen,” Re-define”.

I am happy to say that I have used it for about 2 months and I am very impressed.

My husband is so impressed that he said, “I hope this product will help this brown guy’s complexion.” He has been using the regimen “Reverse” to diminish his dark spot for less than eight weeks.

Rodan and Fields's Soothe
Rodan and Fields Reverse Brightening Regimine

This is the result from my husband after only 3 weeks of using the Reverse Brightening Regimen from Rodan and Fields. 

Acne Solutons

I was so excited about these products and the results that I decided to become a consultant. Not only for the prospect of having less skin wrinkles, but for the opportunity to earn extra income doing something that I have a passion for: helping people with their skin conditions. 

If you are interested in learning more- The Doctors have put a FREE solution tool on the website which will give a potential customer suggested regimens based on their primary and secondary skin concerns, which takes the guess work out of choosing a product-which is great! 

Are you ready to get started for free? 

Click Here to Better Skin and to get rid of Face Wrinkles fast!

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DIY Pad Thai Recipie

February’s Recipe Gluten Free Pad Thai

Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe


Ana Veiga

I was casually browsing through Sprouts (a health food store) looking for gluten free noodles to try.

I wanted to try to make Ramen, but the Pad Thai noodles were on sale; so, I decided to go down this route instead.

I actually bought the noodles without researching a recipe. 

The next day I embarked on the journey to making Pad Thai. I decided to google a recipe and found the one below.

I ended up having shrimp in the refrigerator, because I was going to make the Brussels Sprouts Caesar Shrimp Salad.

I did not have fish stock, bean sprouts, or nuts.

I also used a cast iron pan instead of a wok.

Additonal Tips:

Do make sure you undercook the noodles. Less is more since it will cook more when you combine everything.

I have a habit of not professionally measuring, since I’ve been cooking so long. I did use too much soy sauce on the shrimp and my mistake (didn’t ruin anything) was adding too much of the soy sauce to the pan when adding the shrimp. I would have preferred crispier shrimp.

I also added tofu (which I had never cooked before either). Wow I was feeling feisty that weekend.

When making the Thai Pad sauce, make sure you check if it is too sweet, salty, or sour for taste.

Here is the recipe:

Why Farting in Relationships is Actually a Good Sign

Farting in Relationship, although gross, is normal, but what does it mean for your relationship?

Your on the couch with your girlfriend or boyfriend and your stomach gurgles.

Your immediate reaction is to clinch. Hold on tight! Don’t let it go!

We keep it in as an effort of producing and maintaining a picture perfect image, but hold the phone… 

According to research, farting in relationships is actually good sign for your relationship.

What!!!??? All of those painful gassy moments were for nothing?

Before you start polluting the air space around your hemisphere, let’s learn why farting in relationships is a good sign.

Mic, a digital news company, surveyed over 125 20 and 30-year-olds to see when most people “break the fart barrier”. Their research found that “most people wait between two and six months into a relationship, which also happens to be prime ‘I love you’ time.”

What does this all mean?


If you are able to be yourself, without judgment, with your significant other – your relationship is headed in the right direction. A positive milestone. 

I can remember the first time I farted in front of my husband. It was 10 years ago and about eight months within our relationship.

We had gone on a nine hour road trip with several other people and had finally arrived to our hotel room. Long story short, I thought he was sleeping, only later to find out that he was up and heard all of my trumpets, as I let out hours worth of pain. After I found out that he heard me, and I broke the fart cherry, I decided that the stomach pains were not worth it. Wow, what a lifestyle changer. 


So yes, farting in your relationship is a good sign because it shows acceptance and comfortability. 

Unbounded's January Wreath

January Door Wreath


January's Door Wreath

Because wreaths are not just for Christmas
Staff Writer
Unbounded's January Wreath
Re-use your Christmas Wreath by taking Christmas Items off and adding house/apt numbers.
Unbounded's January Wreath
Wreath to the right has numbers close together. Wreath above has numbers spread apart.

Who says Wreaths are just for December? Wreaths can be used throughout the year to give your door a welcoming disposition. 

Start by using your current wreath or purchasing a plain wreath. You can add pine cones and lights or just leave plain. 

Wreath supplies


You will need:

  • Wooden numbers and letters that are in your unit or housing numbers. You can find these online, but I went to both Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels. 
  • Paint 
  • Paint brushes
  • Twine, ribbon, string, or fishing wire
  • Clear glaze (if you want shinny letters)
  • Glitter (if you want to enhance the letters and numbers)

To begin

  1. Paint the letters and let dryGold Painted Number
  2. Use fishing wire or such to attached the numbers to the wreathFishing wire
  3. Add extra seasonal decoration (if you desire)

Unbounded's January Wreath

And now you will never miss a delivery.

Collagene in pill and powder form

Beauty Tip: Eat your Collagen

Collagene in pill and powder form
Super Collagen in powder and tablet form

Great hair, skin and nails seem like something that should come natural to everyone, but if you are like me, it does not.

I’ve put my hair through a lot within the past years and I have decided to give back.

For the past two months, I have been taking collagen in the powdered form and recently switched to the pill form.

What is Collagen?

I have previously heard about collagen in the form of injectables (fillers) and upon doing research about fillers (I am so tired of covering my dark under eye circles), I stumbled across articles about collagen in a digestible form. I did my research and decided to go ahead and try it.

Collagen consists of Amino Acids (the building blocks of protein) and improves circulation, strengthens the structure of bones, and helps with maintaining healthy skin, hair and muscles click here for more information .

I was interested in trying collagen for superficial reasons: hair growth and maintaining healthy skin.

I haven’t noticed much improvement in my under eye circles and frown lines, but I have noticed a difference in my hair. The funny thing is that the hair on my body is growing super fast while the hair on my head is growing faster, but not as fast as I would like it to.

I haven’t noticed much difference in my nails, but I’ve always had strong nails that grow very fast.

I have noticed less skin bruising. I am accident-prone and I have noticed a lack of bruises from recent run-ins in my nightstand and dining room table.

I have also noticed less soreness after workouts (it is protien). 

So far, I like the product. The brand above is very inexpensive, easy to purchase and rated highly.

The biggest challenge for me is remembering to take the power form on an empty stomach with a source of vitamin C (orange juice was my choice). I purchased the pill form, but the price is more expensive and the quantity is lower.

2018 Beauty Trends

2018 Beauty Trends

You will be surprised by what is trending in Beauty in 2018.


2018 Beauty Trends

The 2018 Beauty Trends are here! There are a lot of subtile changes from 2017. To help you figure it out, we put together a list.  

  1. It’s all about clear skin in 2018 Beauty. 

Clear Skin is easy for some and an effort for others. I do not have great skin and it can be very embarrassing.

Start by actually investing into your skin. Doesn’t always mean money. Invest time by switching products at the appropriate time and actually spending the time to clean your face.

Having a beauty regimen is important for consistently clear skin. There will be a lot of new products from new brands this year. 

Clear Start for Clean Face

A great system for acne prone skin

2. Dewy fresh natural skin is in.

Accomplish this by using a great tinted moisturizer. I have tried a bunch and this one is really great…not the cheapest though. There are great drug store options and you can also mix a foundation with a moisturizer. 

Jouer Tinted Moisturizer

Jouer Tinted Moisturizer is a great alternative to foundation

  1. Natural eye meaning, what looks natural on your face. Brown mascara is in.

    Beauty Trends for 2018

    Beauty Trends for 2018

  1. Lip liner… find a natural lip liner for your skin tone. Ditch the every day gloss. A lip liner and lip balm is in. If you can’t ditch the gloss, grab a natural colored gloss. I actually really like the ones from NYX. Yes, they do not last all day, but they are also inexpensive.
    NYX Lip liner

    Some of my current lip favorites for 2018 Beauty

  1. Bangs… foe bangs…real bangs…bangs are in! 
  1. A great strong brow.

I actually like these products from NYX. I have ditched the threading and now pluck in between waxing.

NYX Eyebrow

Beauty Trend 2018: Current Brow Favorites

2018 Fashion

2018 Fashion Trends

2018 Fashion Trends

5 Tips for 2018 Fashion


Updated 07-31-17

2018 Fashion

For 2018 Fashion Trends leggings are out, joggers are in. Heels are not as popular as a cute pair of nude or pastel sneakers. Chokers are out and the Tee-Shirt dress is barley hanging in. Backpacks are back and so are fanny packs…

Here are five Tips for 2018 Fashion 

  1. Ditch the Denim…as a main part of your attire.  Trousers are in, but you can find comfortable pants that look like trousers(ish) but are really leggings or joggers.

These trousers are comfortable and stretchy. Find them on Amazon.

2. Dusters or long light jackets are still in.

Fashion Duster

I found this at a local boutique for under $20.00.

3. Flats are actually really in. Heels are not the signature of an outfit at this moment; so, take advantage!

Flat Shoes

Some of my favorite practical flats, both were on sale for under $25.

4. Matching bottom and tops are still in and so are Rompers. Longer short sets are popular along with matching Capri sets, although they are not calling them capris this year. But basically, they are capris. 


Matching top and bottoms including rompers are still in.

5. Signature belts are actually back!


A couple of great signature belts are great for every closet.

Belts are trying to make its comeback, but not fully apart of the 2018 fashion trends. Perhaps 2019 will be the year of the belts.

How to recuperate from Holiday Dinning

How to Recuperate from Holiday Dining

Fitness & Health

How to Recuperate from Holiday Dining

After Months of Tragic Eating

Updated 1.24.19
by Ana Lefebvre
How to recuperate from Holiday Dinning

The Holiday can be brutal on my body. My stomach (body) has to do double duty of getting rid of processed foods, white sugar, and white flour (which are also processed, but I feel like they should have their own category). 

Here is what I will be doing as a recovery and my tips on recuperating from Holiday Dining:

1. Eat at least three meals a day

It is well known that you should eat 3 meals a day for your metabolism, but according to the New York Post,  “2,000 Americans found that the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner meal structure is now followed by just 27 percent of people today.”

2. Nothing made with white flour

Refined flour is hard for the body to digest. Most processed carbs has tons of sugar hiding into it, which spikes your glucose. Also, sugar turns into fat and bad fats have the tendency to sit in your digestive system. 

3. Work Out

Eating right is very good for your body, but getting your “blood pumping” is very important for your overall health. There are so many different ways to workout. The key is finding something that you will stick to. 

4. Give your body a break with your bad habit

Most of us have a bad habit. It could be a favorite snack or a a glass of wine every night. Give your body a break by taking a break from your bad habit.

5. Drink lots of water

Another nutritional thing that we all know, but most do not do. The easiest way to track your water intake is to write it down. I have check marks on my calendar for each glass (cup) of water I drink. 

5 Tips to a better Relationship in 2019

5 Tips to a better Relationship in 2019

Love is in the air

Love and Relationship

Tips for a better relationship in 2019.

1. Always make time to re-connect, even if it is 50 seconds or 15 minutes

Make time to ask your significant other about their day and make sure you are sincerely asking and listening.

Put down the electronics; in fact leave them in the other room to make sure you are paying attention.

Make sure you are spending moments of quality time with just you and your significant other. It might seem impossible to escape the kids, moms and dads, the posse, but you have to make time to do so.

2. Be nice

This might seems such a silly thing to say, but after a long hard day, it can be tough. Rule of Thumb, never be nicer to a stranger than to your significant other.

Do not take out your frustrations on the one you love. Like the 90’s R&B singer Donell Jones said “… But when you love someone…You just don’t treat them bad”. This is the truth. Think about what you are doing and saying.

3. Make sure your intimate

Intimacy means different things to different people. It could be from holding hands to sex. Both partners need to be satisfied and understanding within this process, but it is important.

4. Check in

Don’t go the whole day without speaking to one another. If you are forgetful to check in, put a reminder on your phone.

I once shared an office with a woman who was married for over 25 years with three grown children. She and her husband spoke at least 4 times a day (that I overheard). They were informing each other about things going on in their day, asking questions and also arguing. But that is real life. Stop excluding your significant other from the small things and let them be apart of all things by checking in.

5. Always have your partner’s back (layman terms)

Unity is such a powerful thing. A relationship ran in unity is stronger than an un-united front. You should be able to talk and bounce back ideas with one another. Agreeing is not necessary but compromising is.

Leave arguments (unless they are playful banter) behind doors and always (try) to look like a united front. -Meaning stop letting other people get involved in your relationship and have un-qualified opinions about your relationship. 

Some people feed on drama and want others to be as miserable as them. Watch who you are confiding in.