Give cups of Kindess

Give Cups of Kindness

Who knew teacup candles could serve as a vessel to raise over $10, 000 for women and children in need?

Cups of Kindness for charity
Curtesy of Cups of Kindness
Cup of Kindness for Charity
Give cups of Kindess

Cups of Kindness started one evening in May 2016 when sisters, Lorissa and Lauren decided to embark on a simple crafting project of making teacup candles for themselves and as gifts to give away. 

Lorissa and Lauren were having a blast making tea cup candles – and in that moment, they felt like there was something more to it. It could be more than a simple craft project.

Ideas started spawning and the concept of a charitable project, organically came to life. 

Cups of Kindness Charity Logo
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Cups of Kindness

Lorissa and Lauren started the project by purchasing 50 teacups through thrift stores.

They then made the candles, opened an Etsy shop online  and created social media accounts to help spread the message. 

Since the conception of Cups of Kindness, their sister Angelene and her daughter Zoe have joined the team.

Their love and assistance in keeping Cups of Kindness alive has been a huge asset to the project.

Lorissa, Angelene, and Zoe operate the project out of Edmonton, Alberta and Lauren does her part from Vancouver Island, thus allowing them to cover more Canadian soil.

Together, the four women continue to do what they can to spread love in their communities. Their goal is to serve as a light during some else’s darkness. As James Keller so eloquently said, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.


Cups of Kindness Sisters
Cups of Kindness Sister's Lorissa, Angelene, & Lauren

100% of Cups of Kindness’s profits have been donated.

They have donated profits to local women’s shelters and they have also donated a portion of the funds to assist a young child who needed supplementary medical attention while battling an aggressive form of cancer.

They now accept teacup donations to help keep the project going.

Interested in learning more? Click Here to go to their Etsy Site.

Keep up with Cups of Kindness by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

skin care

Advice from a Wedding Planner: Top 5 Skin Face cleansing products

skin care
Curtesy of The Ultimate Planner

Beauty and skin products have always been on my priority list. I remember getting my first Optimum points card at the Pharmaprix, one of Montreal’s drug store at the age of 12. Since then I have always had a secret obsession with skincare products and makeup. At an early age I knew that my skin was super sensitive, so I tried not experiment too much. I started off with Aveeno because it was super mild and ideal for sensitive skin and now I am using mostly, if not only, Clinique products.

Amongst my sisters I am the “go-to” person for which face wash, makeup and lipsticks to get. When I got my first part-time job, it was nothing but saving and then spending at Pharmaprix. My very first experiments were done with Lise Watier’s makeup products, then I jumped onto MAC and now well, like many of us, I am in love with Sephora.

I love Sephora because they can find specific products and brands according to your type of skin and their products are just amazingly fabulous. Clinique won my heart because of how specific their products are: they pretty much have products matching every skin type and still giving a 3-step plan.

Clinique's Beauty face products
Curtesy of The Ultimate Planner

Now let me share with you my Top 5 beauty and skin products:

1. First things first: The Cleanser.

Clinique cleansers, toner and face lotions are the products that I use every day, day and night. I use the mild foam cleanser: a gel to foam activate with water. It does not have a strong scent and it deep cleanses your skin; I even use it as a makeup remover. To find out more about the product click here.


2. The Toner:

I use the Clinique Toner in number 4, the purple solution. What I love about Clinique is they have regime and products based on your skin type whether you have normal to dry, or just simply oily. I like to say I have combination skin type because my T zone is oily and my cheeks and around the mouth area dry. Toner is important because sometimes washing just doesn’t do the entire trick, so toner removes all the traces of dirt and oil that was a bit more stubborn. To find out more about the toner click here.

3. Moisturizer:

Also, from Clinique I use their face moisturizers. They have two types of face lotions; the gel formula and the dramatically different formula. I use the gel formula in the summer because my skin is already naturally oily, and I use the Dramatically different formula in the winter when its colder and dryer. To find out more click here .

4. Exfoliant/Masks:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen me share my love for the glam glow line of masks. I have tried all of them and a great way to do so is at Sephora as they have the sample sizes of all the masks. That gives you an opportunity to try them all and see what works for your skin type. I use the green jar, which is the power mud; it is a dual cleanse mud to oil formula. This mud mask is LIFE!! I absolutely love it, love the way my skin feels after using it. Just. Love. It. To find out more click here.

5. Make up Remover:

I use the Clinique Take the day off. This is a balm formula that you rub on to take your makeup off. Its turns from balm to oil but girl when I tell you it works, IT WORKS. To find out more click here.

Beauty's Best Face Products
Curtesy of The Ultimate Planner

Recently I discovered these face cloths called “Face it” by cloth in a box. Its perfect for us ladies who love our cleansing products and like to be cute while doing so. The cloths have these hand pockets that make if easy for you to clean your entire face, Its a gentle face cloth and can be used up to 100 times, hand wash in mild detergent and dry on tumble dry. 

Beauty Face cloth
Curtesy of The Ultimate Planner
Beauty Facial Cleaners
Curtesy of The Ultimate Planner

Well beautifuls, this is it for my beauty and skin products. I hope this helped.

Happy Cleansing!


About the Author: 

StaceyAnn Clayton is a Montreal wedding planner and event stylist with over 5 years of experience. For more information, please visit: 

Follow StaceyAnn @theultimateplanner

Editor: @alavie

DIY Pictures in Frames

The Best Way to Frame Your Instagram Photos

Guest Blogger

DIY Pictures in Frames
Courtesy of Find.Keep.Collect

Hey Everyone!

I have been dying to frame the pictures I took of the beach last week and incorporate them into my everyday decor. Everything I looked at online was so expensive and I didn’t want something huge- just small accent pieces. Here is what I figured out. It is super simple!

DIY Photos on Instagram Printed
Courtesy of Find.Keep.Collect

1) Print your photos at Walgreens! – Yes, Walgreens. They have 4 by 4 prints which they now do for $.39 each and you can pick them up at your local store. They are currently running a special where you get 50% off all prints until March 17th!! Enter LUCKYDAY at checkout thru March 17, 2018. Link Here!  You can even pick them up the SAME DAY. 

2) Order these frames from Amazon! Link Here. They are $19.95 for three. You can get a larger quantity too. I love the size and they fit the 4 by 4 picture perfectly. 

DIY Home Accent Frames
Courtesy of Find.Keep.Collect

3) Put them together and you’re all set!

They make great gifts for bridesmaids, birthday gifts, and for square accent walls! 

DIY Pictures in Frames
Courtesy of Find.Keep.Collect

8 Practical Things you Can Wash in the Dishwasher

Staff Reporter

Household tips to make the process of cleaning things from our daily lives easier to manage. Tangible things. The other stuff you need to speak to your shrink or maker about… Here are practical things you can wash in the dishwasher that will save you tons of time.

Guess what! You can wash more than dishes in these things!
  1. Hair brushes and combs (clean out the hair first) and then put them where you would normally put the silverware. 

2. Dog Toys (because they are gross). 

3. Pet dishes (they need to be cleaned once in a while). 

4. Potatoes (but wash them with other things because it will waste electricity). Unless you are cooking mash potatoes for an army.

Potatoes can be cleaned

5. Fingernail clippers (instead of dousing them in alcohol, use this method). These are one of those household items that do not get washed enough.

6. Ziplock bags or steam bags (The dishwasher will wash and almost dry them). This way you can re-use the bags.

7. Hats or Caps (They need to be washed to prevent forehead acne. Afterwards, spray the inside area with alcohol for double duty cleaning) If you do not want to use alcohol use vinegar. You may have to rinse a lot to get the smell out. *

Do not use peroxide because it might change the color of the cap. 

Hats and Shoes in dishwasher

8. Canvas Shoes. I.e. Vans/ Converse (start off by washing them in the dishwasher and then finish by scrubbing the rubber parts with a toothbrush or another applicable brush).

Things you should know

6 Things you should know, but were never taught

Things you should know
What else were we not taught!

Basic things you should know, but don’t. Don’t worry, we didn’t know this too. 

1. Prunes are Plums.

Fermented Plums. Why can’t we just keep it simple and call them “dried plums”?

Bowel of Plums

2. Your Veins are Blue or Green because of the way the light reflects against your skin.

The light penetrates the skin and illuminates your veins and this the color that we see. Maybe we were taught this in Elementary School…

Veins in the human body
I knew blood was red!

3. Women are born with eggs.

There is a scientific debate if women make more during their lifetime, or when they are born they are born with all the eggs they will have throughout their life.

Anyhow, it is strange to think that we already have our future children with us from our actual birth-day. 

Woman carrying eggs
You've been carrying eggs since Day 1!

4. Baby Carrots are actually ugly regular sized carrots.

That are cut in an adorable smaller size with preservatives added to keep them fresh. Things you should know, perhaps. 

Carrots Large

5. Money is made out of Cotton.

Well 3/4 cotton and 1/4 linen.  Makes a lot of sense if you think about U.S. History and the impact cotton had in the U.S.

Dollar Bills
Dollar Dallar Bills

6. Celery  have negative Calories.

This is a common saying, but in fact Celery has 6 calories. The “negative calories” stigma comes from the belief that the energy it takes to chew and digest it burns more calories than intake. But this is good to know if you want to use a dipping sauce that has a lot of calories.

And now celery will be sold out across stores in America
How to recuperate from Holiday Dinning

How to Recuperate from Holiday Dining

Fitness & Health

How to Recuperate from Holiday Dining

After Months of Tragic Eating

Updated 1.24.19
by Ana Lefebvre
How to recuperate from Holiday Dinning

The Holiday can be brutal on my body. My stomach (body) has to do double duty of getting rid of processed foods, white sugar, and white flour (which are also processed, but I feel like they should have their own category). 

Here is what I will be doing as a recovery and my tips on recuperating from Holiday Dining:

1. Eat at least three meals a day

It is well known that you should eat 3 meals a day for your metabolism, but according to the New York Post,  “2,000 Americans found that the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner meal structure is now followed by just 27 percent of people today.”

2. Nothing made with white flour

Refined flour is hard for the body to digest. Most processed carbs has tons of sugar hiding into it, which spikes your glucose. Also, sugar turns into fat and bad fats have the tendency to sit in your digestive system. 

3. Work Out

Eating right is very good for your body, but getting your “blood pumping” is very important for your overall health. There are so many different ways to workout. The key is finding something that you will stick to. 

4. Give your body a break with your bad habit

Most of us have a bad habit. It could be a favorite snack or a a glass of wine every night. Give your body a break by taking a break from your bad habit.

5. Drink lots of water

Another nutritional thing that we all know, but most do not do. The easiest way to track your water intake is to write it down. I have check marks on my calendar for each glass (cup) of water I drink.