Father's Day

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Top Father's Day Gift Ideas


by Bonnie Min, RN

Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner…and so is the age old question of “What on Earth do I get him???”  Never fear!! I’ve scoured the Internet and conducted a highly unscientific survey by asking a few dad friends of mine what they’d like to receive.  These  gift ideas are what have landed on my 2018 Top 10 Gifts For Dad!

  1.  Cocktails For Two

There’s nothing like enjoying a quiet evening with a drink in hand…unless Dit’s a cocktail you mastered on your own AND get to share (unless you don’t want to.  Hey, it’s your gift. I’m not gonna judge you). What I like about Saloon Box  is that you get one box a month that has everything you need to make amazing craft cocktails at home, including the ingredients and instructions!  The best part, like I mentioned above, it that everything is proportioned for TWO people! It’s like having some of the world’s best bartenders in your living room…but not really.  It’s a monthly cocktail subscription box and clocks in at $37.50.


  1.  Cold Brew Coffee Master

Getting Dad a Keurig is so  * yawn * 3 years ago.  Why not let him morph his inner mad scientist with his latent inner hipster and get him something that will indulge BOTH sides?  The Yama Cold Brew Tower ($250) is not only absolutely GORGEOUS, (hello, curved wood and hand blown, dishwasher and microwave safe glass parts) but it literally looks like the kind of caffeinated science experiment I can get behind.  Ice + Water + Fresh Coffee = cold brewed magic he can tweak to his exact specifications. It is also super cool looking!


  1.  Keep It Spicy

Got a dad who’s got a zillion different bottles of hot sauce?  Why not add 6 more BUT these are ones he made HIMSELF? Give him the gift of spice with this fun DIY Hot Sauce Kit!  $34.95 gets you a variety of spice packs, 6 bottles + labels to pour his creations into. Get it here from Uncommongoods.com

Beyond The Shave 4 Weeks

  1.  The Gift Of A Better Shave

What man likes razor burns, razor rashes and ingrown hairs from shaving. Why not gift him the gift of a better shave?  Rodan+Fields’s Beyond The Shave features 3 proven products specifically curated by top dermatologists for men skin care needs. This 3 step regimen helps calm overall razor irritation and gives him a smoother, closer shave while revealing better skin.  Shave with the Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash to soften facial hairs for less razor bumps and a smoother shave. Added bonus? It does double duty as a facial cleanser! Follow this up with the Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment instead of aftershave. Packed full of proprietary RFp3 peptide technology, this powerhouse product comforts and moisturizes freshly shaved skin while also visibly reducing redness.  

Lastly, protect and smooth his skin with Redefine Triple Defense Treatment with SPF 30. Get it here.  

Email me to find out how you can get 10% off and free FedEx shipping!

  1.  Live And Learn

Master Class

My husband loves learning new and useful things.  That’s just who he is and I love that about him. Why not spoil the man in your life with the gift of learning?  I love MasterClass for this reason because YOU can choose to either gift him with one class for $90 or spend $180 for an All Access Pass that gives him access for a whole year!  I mean, we’re talking WORLD CLASS professionals! Learn photography from Annie Leibovitz. Learn how to cook with GORDON RAMSEY. Stephen Curry will help him hone his bball skills.  What’s not to like?

  1.  Massage

Massage for Father's DayYes, you guys.  Men love massages also!  Why not treat him to a great massage? I won’t tell if you treat yourself to one at the same time!  I enjoy Hand And Stone Massage. Look and see if there’s one near you!

  1.  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Family Photo

Give the gift of memories by booking a photo session with a great photographer.  This is the one thing my husband asks for every year. Fill your home with memories year after year!  Picture People is a great budget friendly place that has an indoor studio and various packages that can fit just about every budget.  Added bonus is having your photos printed out and framed right then and there! Or you can also splurge and hire a photographer who specializes in family portraits.

  1.  Tile Sport $25

Never again will again will you have to hear “WHERE ARE MY KEYS????” when you attach the Tile Sport to his keys!  All he has to do is open up the Tile app and BAM! The Tile Sport will locate it for him. The Tile Sport is waterproof up to 1.5 meters just in case it gets splashed on or dropped into a spill.  

Tile Sport

  1.  MeUndies

I know underwear isn’t exactly the kind of gift most people think about giving on Father’s Day, but this brand is highly rated!  For starters, the fabric they use is super soft and is really comfortable. Added bonus is that they can keep costs low due to being an online service ONLY. You have the option of spending $20 for a one time order or $16 as a subscriber.


  1.  Charitable Gifts

For the dad who TRULY has everything and doesn’t need or want anything, why not make a charitable gift in his name to a cause near and dear to his heart?  

Have more questions? E-mail Bonnie at bonnie@glowonandprosper.com

Articles by Bonnie Min, RN 

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle: 13 Interesting Facts

Meghan Markle: 13 Interesting Facts


Staff Reporter

Meghan Markle
By Northern Ireland Office [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Even though the wedding has come and gone, Meghan Markle is still the most interesting woman in from America. She is an educated, accomplished and is an active feminist. She has created a new path for herself that has carved a new way for the future. Here are 13 interesting facts about Meghan Markle.

  1. She was born in Los Angeles.
  2. Her marriage to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is her second marriage.
  3. She has a Bachelors from Northwestern University where she double-majored in theater and international relations.

4. She worked at the US embassy in Argentina in 2002.

5. She is older than Prince Harry.

6. She started dating Prince Harry in 2016.

7. The first royal bride in the UK to walk down the isle without an escort.

8. Was an actress.

9. Meghan is actually her Middle name. Her first name is Rachel.

10. Is an active feminist.

  1. She was raised on the set of set of Married… with Children (her father was the director of photography).
  2. She worked on Deal or No Deal as a suitcase girl.
  3. According to Allure magazine, in a 2017 she told them that she uses the Nars blush in Orgasm, “on and off camera” and that she also “love[s] the Make Up For Ever HD Powder.”
Working out

How to get in Shape on a Budget

Working out

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact I spend less money when I stick to a healthy diet because I am not eating out constantly and spending money on booze. Here are tips on getting in shape on a budget. 

1. Start with a budget.

Know how much you can spend each week on food and fitness.  Gyms come with group classes, exercise machines and many times a free private training session. GYM Prices also vary. Crunch sells memberships as low as $10 a month. If you really want to build a skill like Yoga, it is sometimes better to go to a Yoga studio where the instructor will focus more on you. You can also find local community classes that are affordable. Some churches also offer free classes. 

2. Figure out if you can afford a gym membership or not and what type of exercise program that you want to partake in. 

If you are a self starter then working out home should be easy. If you need motivation and influence a gym or class might be the best for you. Working out 3-4 times a week is ideal. If you can’t get away from the kids, walking or park activities may be the best. 

Yoga Classes

3. If you can’t go to a gym (or do not have a desire to) you should purchase tools to help you get into shape.

Resistant bands are so easy and cheap. Yoga balls, medicine balls, and free weights are great investments. I can do a whole workout with resistant bands and a 10 lb dumbbell.

4. YouTube and fitness apps are your best friend in finding workout and health tips.

Check out different styles of workouts or do a workout for free with Youtube or Apps. Here’s a list of Apps you may like. 

5. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is actually not expensive.

Cut back your meat intake if you are eating it more than one time a day. Chicken and Ground Turkey are healthy for you and are cheaper meats. Beans are awesome for you and are pennies on the dollar. Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice and is extremely inexpensive. You can also purchase-frozen fruits and vegetables to save money. It starts to get a bit pricy when you purchase Organic, but not everything has to be purchased organic. If I can’t afford organic strawberries, I don’t buy them. Friends and family members that are not healthy/clean eater actually spend about 3 times more on food than I do. 

Healthy Food for Healthier You
10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Today

6. Walmart has great inexpensive workout clothes.

Their brand Danskin, has been around for forever. In the 90s I was purchasing it for ballet classes. You can also check the racks at your local Ross or TJ Maxx. They sell Nike, Adidas, etc. for a great price. 

Watch to watch on Netflix

Best Netflix Shows and Movies for May 2018

Best Netflix Shows and Movies for May 2018



Watch to watch on Netflix

With so many Netflix Movies and Shows to choose from, we decided to help you out. May is the month for drama and what is the best drama besides family drama? Here are the best Netflix Shows and Movies for May 2018.

1. The Week Of 

Netflix Family Comedy Movie -This movie is great. The acting and writing is top notch. Very cute family movie. Family

2. Jungle Books 

Cute rendition of a classic. Netflix Family

3. Requiem 

Netflix Show- A British horror/mystery show. Very different from other syfy or sci-fi, let’s just say science fiction shows.  TV-MA 

4. Santa Clarita Diet 

A very cute Netflix show about a mother who turns in a zombie. It is not your average bloodshed zombie show. Great show to binge watch. TV-MA 

5. Deep Blue Sea 

Action pack classic flick about a killer shark. Rated R

6. Dude 

A drama about high school seniors going to the next stage of their lives. Although they are young, they have to deal and face things that no one should. Great writing and Acting. Rated R

7. Dear White People: Vol. 2

Netflix Show- Talks about racial and social injustice in a very artistic way. The writing is great. Very unique. TV-MA  

8. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Netflix Comedy – Her first standup special was great and so is this one. It discusses feminism, racism and a lot of mother-hood in an unfiltered way. TV-MA

9. Kodachrome

Netflix Movie- A Drama about a son saying good-bye to his father. A father who always made his son, his last priority. Rated- R

10. 6 Balloons

Netflix Movie- A Drama about a brother that is addicted to heroin and a sister who is determined to put him in a detox clinic that day.  Rated- R

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


10 Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Affordable Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Staff Reporter

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Mother's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Don’t worry! We have affordable Mother’s Day Gift ideas that you can even purchase last minute. These Mother’s Day gift ideas can are great for grandmothers, mother-in-law and friends too.

1. Gel Nail Kit

You can find so many affordable ones with great reviews on Amazon. Also, amazon has a great selection of gel colors and accessories.

Gel Nail Kit

2. Spa Package


3. A cute phone case

Cute Phone Cases

4. Beauty Club Membership

The Gift that keeps on giving. There’s so many different kinds available. Target has one too. 

5.  Gift Cards never go out of style

As long as you get mom something that she would use. 

6. Perfume


Perfume mother's day gift ideas
This Never goes out of Style

7. Amazon Prime Membership

It’s so handy and easy. It comes with music and movies. 

8. A Classic Watch

9. Rose Pink Sneakers

Because they are trending and are super cute. 

10. Yoga Membership

It’s relaxing and will keep mom in shape!

Problems with Big Boobs

13 Problems that Women with Big Boobs will Understand

Problems with Big Boobs

Because big boobs can be a problem. 

1. Utility bras only!

Cute bras are not dependable with big boobs and are only used for sexy time lingerie since they only cause problems with every day outfits.  

2. Forget button down shirts!

The problems is that they never fit the arms and chest. Buttons tend to pop open even if you wear an undershirt with the top buttons un-button. If you actually find a button down that fits, you must treat it with the dignity and respect that it deserves. 

3. You have to try on at least 20 bathing suits to find One contender.

Forget swimsuits that are the same size at the top and bottom and one-pieces, they never work.

4. You always have back pain.

At a certain point in life you just began to ignore this as one of the problems with big boobs. Back problems are now apart of the everyday. 

5.  You have to hold your chest to run.

No matter how many sports bras you wear.

6. Guys and girls are constantly looking at your chest.

7. When you wear strapless you are risking a nip slip.

8. When you wear anything that doesn’t cover your breast fully, you are risking a nip slip.

9. When you don’t wear a sports bra or a bra that make you look like you have a uni-boob you are risking a nip slip.

10. You have become okay with the possibility of having a nip slip because unfortunately it has happened.

This may be a huge problem with big boobs, but you have learn to get over it. 

11. You have to wear nipple covers with regular bras in case of a nip slip.

Nip slips happen regardless if your boobs are in a tee-shirt or v-neck. 

12. You have to become comfortable with the possibility of always finding crumbs in between your boobs.

Otherwise it would be gross.

13. You use deodorant under and between your breasts.

It gets so sweaty! 

How to have a Great Morning

How to have a Great Morning Every Day


How to Have a Great Morning Every Day


Staff Reporter

How to have a Great Morning

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”― Steve Jobs

The morning is the catalyst for your day. How you begin is how you end. Having a Great Morning is not hard, you just have to change your mindset to fit what you are trying to achieve.  

1. Never begin your day rushing

Starting your day rushed and stress will lead into the rest of your day. Set yourself up for success the night before. 

2. Do something you love in the morning.

Is it exercising, reading, putting on makeup. Make sure you do something you look forward to, that way you will look forward to waking up. 

3. Listen to a program that excites you.

Is it a news program or a T.V. show, a podcast, music?

4. Eat breakfast.

It could be a protein shake, a granola bar, a bagel…. don’t start the day off starving yourself.

5.  Connect with nature.

Sit outside for a moment or have a relaxing walk with your dog. Connecting with nature brings serenity and peace. Listen to the quiet before the craziness of the day begins. 

6. Realize that stress will always be there, but that doesn’t mean you have to entertain it.

Check your e-mail or social media if it will not affect you negatively. That way you can plan your day accordingly. 

7.Plan your day the night before; so, you know what you need to tackle to have a successful day. 

8. Wake up to a nice sound.

Remove any hazard sounds that may wake you up. The harsh sound of a traditional alarm clock should be removed. 

9. Plan an evening or weekend with loved ones.

Having something to look forward to will always make your day exciting. 


10. Remember that it is a mind set.

If you believe that you are going to have a great day, you will. If you are negative about the day, then how can you have a great one? Be thankful for the day that you have. 

How to relax

How to Relax

How to relax
Relaxing doesn't have to be hard

1. Try keeping your environment calm with soft lighting and calming music.

Turn your house into a relaxing space, by emulating your favorite spa. Use soft and mood lighting. Turn on your favorite relaxing music. Alexa usually has good suggestions. 

3. Meditate to calm your mind (Tip: Do the above and then find a quiet space).


5. A great serum to provide moisture and glowy skin without makeup. 

Shiseido Infusing Concentrate is one of the best. Layering serums and moisturizer is a technique used in some cultures. 

6. Write in a journal about nothing or something.

There is a trick that writers do to get them out of their writer’s block. It’s putting the pen to the paper without and objective….you will be surprised to what may happen.

7. Do Yoga, Find a class or an App…

Yoga gets you in-touch with your body and mind by connecting the two. Now a days Yoga classes are easy to find. You can find an app on your phone or a youtube video. 

8. Drink hot tea

A warm soothing drink with great smells can do wonders. 

10. Get a Massage

Swedish and Thai massages are the most popular. Thai massages include stretching at the very end and is great for sore muscles. 

Dunkin' Donuts Fries

New: Dunkin’ Donuts fries

New: Dunkin' Donuts fries

Dunkin' Donuts Now Selling Dunkin Donut Fries and Giving away free Coffee Today


Staff Writer

By Nice Stranger5810 "BJ Alex" (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Boston, Massachusetts: Today, in Boston, Dunkin’ Donuts is selling their new debut Dunkin’ Donuts Fries along with pretzels and waffle-breaded chicken fingers and more as part of a new $2 snacking menu.

Today’s food test will serve as a way to gain feedback from customers and employees to help determine whether to sell the items, nationally.


Fast food restaurants are constantly changing items to keep up with their demographic. Dunkin’ Donuts on the west coast is now Dunkin’. Taco Bell recently introduced the $1.00 Nacho Fries, which have been a successful launch. McDonalds has recently taken the “Hot and Spicy” off the menu, resulting in petitions and boycotts. Wendy’s has now launched a campaign jesting McDonalds. 

Have you tried the new Dunkin’ Donuts Fries? Let us know on social media.

Give cups of Kindess

Give Cups of Kindness

Who knew teacup candles could serve as a vessel to raise over $10, 000 for women and children in need?

Cups of Kindness for charity
Curtesy of Cups of Kindness
Cup of Kindness for Charity
Give cups of Kindess

Cups of Kindness started one evening in May 2016 when sisters, Lorissa and Lauren decided to embark on a simple crafting project of making teacup candles for themselves and as gifts to give away. 

Lorissa and Lauren were having a blast making tea cup candles – and in that moment, they felt like there was something more to it. It could be more than a simple craft project.

Ideas started spawning and the concept of a charitable project, organically came to life. 

Cups of Kindness Charity Logo
Click here to visit store
Cups of Kindness

Lorissa and Lauren started the project by purchasing 50 teacups through thrift stores.

They then made the candles, opened an Etsy shop online  and created social media accounts to help spread the message. 

Since the conception of Cups of Kindness, their sister Angelene and her daughter Zoe have joined the team.

Their love and assistance in keeping Cups of Kindness alive has been a huge asset to the project.

Lorissa, Angelene, and Zoe operate the project out of Edmonton, Alberta and Lauren does her part from Vancouver Island, thus allowing them to cover more Canadian soil.

Together, the four women continue to do what they can to spread love in their communities. Their goal is to serve as a light during some else’s darkness. As James Keller so eloquently said, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.


Cups of Kindness Sisters
Cups of Kindness Sister's Lorissa, Angelene, & Lauren

100% of Cups of Kindness’s profits have been donated.

They have donated profits to local women’s shelters and they have also donated a portion of the funds to assist a young child who needed supplementary medical attention while battling an aggressive form of cancer.

They now accept teacup donations to help keep the project going.

Interested in learning more? Click Here to go to their Etsy Site.

Keep up with Cups of Kindness by following them on Facebook or Instagram.