February’s Recipe Gluten Free Pad Thai

Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe


Ana Veiga

I was casually browsing through Sprouts (a health food store) looking for gluten free noodles to try.

I wanted to try to make Ramen, but the Pad Thai noodles were on sale; so, I decided to go down this route instead.

I actually bought the noodles without researching a recipe. 

The next day I embarked on the journey to making Pad Thai. I decided to google a recipe and found the one below.

I ended up having shrimp in the refrigerator, because I was going to make the Brussels Sprouts Caesar Shrimp Salad.

I did not have fish stock, bean sprouts, or nuts.

I also used a cast iron pan instead of a wok.

Additonal Tips:

Do make sure you undercook the noodles. Less is more since it will cook more when you combine everything.

I have a habit of not professionally measuring, since I’ve been cooking so long. I did use too much soy sauce on the shrimp and my mistake (didn’t ruin anything) was adding too much of the soy sauce to the pan when adding the shrimp. I would have preferred crispier shrimp.

I also added tofu (which I had never cooked before either). Wow I was feeling feisty that weekend.

When making the Thai Pad sauce, make sure you check if it is too sweet, salty, or sour for taste.

Here is the recipe:

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